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Burweed – Hide

by Jacob Dawson at 11 March 2015, 1:24 PM

Describing themselves as “Post Metal/Sludge”, it would be easy to approach BURWEED with preconceptions involving slow, methodical music with little in the way of energy or hooks. It would be even easier to then be surprised upon first hearing “Hide”, as it is vastly different to those things. Sure, there are parts where the Sludge creeps through, and the song changes pace significantly, but for the most part the band bring power to the genre in a way that makes it possible to think of them as a Hard Rock band instead, albeit very Hard Rock.

The guitars are varied, covering everything from roaring riffs to slow, calm and repetitive plucking in the more Sludgy sections. The latter parts are more prevalent in “Dilate”, where the majority of the song is far slower and more atmospheric than its predecessors or its followers. It is also perhaps the song where the death vocals make the most sense, as in the previous three they seem jarring and at odds with the Hard Rock theme which seems most present.

“Swallow”, and therefore the album as a whole, begins with a slow drum tempo which underpins the good, varied guitar work, this is a structure that is frequently present throughout the release. Later, the song calms down and features more slowly-picked guitars with fewer vocals, injecting the Sludge into the Rock/Metal sound that precedes it. Both “Lye” and the confusingly named “Lie” includes a number of tempo changes and are the most varied tracks in general; it’s easy to think of them as being one long song, partly due to their similar names but mostly because of the smooth transition between the two.

“Tire Iron” is once again slow and in no rush to get going, containing plenty of bass. Once it picks up steam however, the change in dynamic is clear from the vocal introduction and the harder, edgier riffs. The song switches from slow to hard a number of times, showing off the band’s two favorite styles.

“Hide/Defend” is the longest track of the release, taking a while to pick up the pace but maintaining the atmosphere until it does. Once the hard riffs kick in, the song becomes the highlight track of the album as it seems the band have been saving their best tempo and attitude for this last song.

For a debut release after two EPs, “Hide” does a good job of introducing the band’s strengths in their preferred style. The album is a tribute to the merits of a varied tempo and a range of sounds, and despite the fact that the vocals seem out of place on occasion, the music is for the most part skilled and impressive.

3 Star Rating

1. Swallow
2. Lye
3. Lie
4. Dilate
5. Tire Iron
6. Hide/Defend
Toni Raukola – Guitars & Vocals
Eetu Lehtinen – Bass & Vocals
Lauri Tattari – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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