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Bury The Kingdom – Bury The Kingdom

Bury The Kingdom
Bury The Kingdom
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 26 July 2022, 7:10 AM

From their Bandcamp page, “It is not just a band name. It is a message delivered to those in power. It is a battle cry. Formed out of the chaos that has engulfed the planet over the last several years, BTK is a Metal band from North America composed of five members with different cultural backgrounds. Vox is Choctaw Indian, Skin is Irish, Shred is Jewish, Grind is Danish, Low is Scottish and together we are sending a clear message to those in positions of power: “Change needs to take place in multiple ways. It is time to stop turning away from the blatant greed and corruption that has made itself at home all over our planet. The masses have been lied to and manipulated by their governments, by different religions, by corporations and even from the very legal systems installed to protect the average law abiding citizen. The very same laws that were supposed to keep corruption in check have been desecrated.

We stand for those that cannot stand. We are a voice for the ones that have been shamed into silence. We are the fist that will strike out for those that have had their hands bound by oppression. BTK will be a voice for the people. The old ways are done. It is time to bury their ideals and their ways. It is time to BURY THE KINGDOM.” The EP contains four songs, and “War” is the first. It is a very heavy and aggressive song, with Industrial type vocals and music t times…sterile and cold. Some melody comes in at the chorus, but anger is the main emotion here. “Force Fed” is another angry song with rich background elements to go along with the incensed vocals. Vox shows his prowess by singing in a few different styles, and the band shows that they know how to write music.

“The Unveiling” is another excellent offering that features more bitter and bleak sounds. This song is both frigid and alive at the same time, and the clean vocals in the chorus add another dimension to the music. The title track closes the album. It completes a four-song sweep of intense offerings that are so hateful you can feel their eyes burning a hole in your back. Overall, this album marks a new promising band coming out in the Metal world. One mistake that many new bands make is an over-reliance on one riff, and one sound. BURY THE KINGDOM have filled in all the little spaces left by the riff with crisp and forbidding sounds that allow the extremities to breath just a little, and just enough to keep it from falling into a homogenous effort. Though only four tracks in length, they came to play, and mean business. Let’s hope they can stick around for a full-length soon.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. War
2. Force Fed
3. The Unveiling
4. Bury The Kingdom
Vox – Vocals
Skin – Drums
Grind – Guitar
Shred – Guitar
Low – Bass
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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