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Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal

Bury Tomorrow
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 09 May 2020, 4:22 AM

In an Instagram Q&A with their fans, guitarist/vocalist Jason Cameron confirmed that a new album will be released in 2020. On 29 November 2019, the band released the lead single of their upcoming album titled "The Grey (VIXI)" and its corresponding music video. On 10 January 2020, the band released the second single and title track "Cannibal" along with an accompanying music video. That same day, the band revealed the Tracklist, album's official artwork and announced that their new upcoming sixth studio album Cannibal is set for release on 3 April 2020. On 13 February, the band released the third single of the album titled "Choke". On 20 March, presumably due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the band announced that they delayed the release of the album to 3 July in a bid to help them properly promote it. On 2 April, the band released the fourth single "Better Below" along with an accompanying music video
Choke” starts off with a short, but pulsating intro, adding then the aggressive vocals, which I was not expecting, I was expecting more of a progressive start, so bonus points for the start. They sound more like ARCHITECTS, HEART OF A COWARD and SYLOSIS back when all three were throwing out regular albums before the death of Tom Searle. So the sound is a great throw back, a solid start to the album. This a true sound of British Metalcore, back to the old, glory years. The immense melodies meet the aggressive turns and vocals, they are executed brilliantly, the harmonies fit perfectly. More of the same please.
Cannibal” has more of the progressive start I thought the album would have. The pace has gone, not entirely, but noticeably. The vocals, for the opening are more aggressive, but they remain easy to follow and short. The vocals go clean, and with it the song slows down, but only briefly as the unclean section returns, it is very tipsy turvy. Overall, the pace is strong, not Thrash, but solid enough.  I would rather they have kept the pace up a bit, and with a bit more frantic pace it could transform the song. Still, we’ve heard far worse.
The Grey (VIXI)” picks the tempo up once more, this song feels more closer to “Choke” to start off with, but the clean vocals slow thing down once more. The melodies match the pace from the previous song, and maybe a little slower. They are mixing it up again, which does and doesn’t work for everyone. The lack of pace is a slight concern at this point in the album. The unclean vocals work, but the melodies around them should be heavier and or faster. There is very little experimental melodies in this one.
Imposter” picks up the pace a bit, more aggressive of an approach all-round for the start, but once again, it doesn’t last once the clean vocals kick in. The unclean vocals seem to unleash more life into the song every time, which makes me wonder why they don’t stick with one option. The aggression builds in the middle of the song well, but feels limited. The limit they hit is a decent level before vocals change stance once more and closes the song.
Better Below” removes the pace, going more Modern Metal paced, the unclean vocals are met with a lack of tempo and pace, they build up the aggression, but the melodies never go into full power. This is more of a ballad kinda song, more atmosphere and powerful attempts than pace. The lack of changes is disappointing, but many won’t care, they will appreciate what the song is.
The Agonist” certainly has a more aggressive start in vocals and melodies. The pace is set high and the tempo is in your face. Then the clean vocals come in and take the pace right out, which is a repeat offender, and it is harsh to use those words, but because the vocals change doesn’t mean the pace and tempo, overall direction needs to change. The change luckily is brief before reverting the aggressive ideal.  This mentality makes the melodies run smoother and more effective. The itself fades away at the end
Quake” continues the faded sound, and appears as an acoustic approach. The pace soon picks up, building towards the explosive unclean vocal outcome. This is a better way of changing it up. However, it does not last, the sound reverts to acoustic, before building up again. This males the song predictable and the second outburst less effective. This second outburst does, however, last a lit longer which is a good change and brings back he excitement. The song  once more dies down and becomes once more progressive and slower. Some people will be fine with this, but I think it changes and reverts too much.
Gods & Machines” does not carry on the fade out, it is back to the aggressive side, with even the clean vocals more raw and powerful. The issue with this is that is slows down without expanding on the aggressive approach, this does return which is becoming another repeat offender, but it doesn’t change enough, no experimental aspects, just the same idea. The melodies are good, but not ambitious enough
Voice & Truth” has the eagerness returning on the vocals and in the melodies. The tempo is high again and the pace of the overall song is higher than most of the songs. This time the clean vocals are not hit with any real deductions, they are supported very well. There is even some technical guitar play which is classing as experimental, where the hell has this been? The clean vocals do slow the melodies down, the second time around, but just to add a new set of instrumental melodies, this is a welcomed change. A better-rounded song, good changes and well executed.
Cold Sleep” has another fast-paced start, although it does break it down briefly before kicking up the gears once more. Aggression for these guys works so much better. The pace does drop, slightly, before it is still a good beat that it goes with, more of what their older material was like. The only negative is I felt that it could explode at any minute into something awesome and I was left waiting
Dark Infinite” starts off promising, the aggression and tempo are at good levels. There is no instant slowdown that we have hear on some songs on the album. The clean vocals slow things down a bit, it is noticeable, but the unclean vocals pump life back to the higher levels once more. The vocals change a few times, keeping things the same. They try a breakdown and for me, it kills the tempo, not well executed. The song never quite recovers
It is not a bad album, it has a lot of potential, but the issue is the constant changes where the tempo is lost and the songs are effected a lot. This is till one of the better Metalcore albums of recent years because most Metalcore bands have slowed things down way to much.
Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Choke
2. Cannibal
3. The Grey (VIXI)
4. Imposter
5. Better Below
6. The Agonist
7. Quake
8. Gods & Machines
9.  Voice & Truth
10. Cold Sleep
11. Dark Infinite
Daniel Winter-Bates – Unclean Vocals
Jason Cameron – Rhythm Guitar & Clean Vocals
Kristan Dawson – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Davyd Winter-Bates – Bass Guitar
Adam Jackson – Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Music For Nations


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Edited 07 February 2023

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