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Bushi - Bushi

by Darren "Dread" Bissette at 20 March 2014, 5:56 PM

The Japanese medieval military nobility of the Samurai or in the Japanese tongue BUSHI is the theme for this studio concept project by DARK LUNACY, INFERNAL POETRY and Austrian band DARKSIDE’s drummer Alessandro ‘Urmuz’ Vagnoni. The whole album explores the ancient Samurai world concentrating on key-words and beliefs that defined the ancient BUSHI Warriors.

Each song lyrically is a short form of poetry, known in Japan as a ‘haiku’, with every guitar string tuned in G providing a very low full dirty sound. First song is “Rolling Heads” that comes rolling in with its dirty riff and stumbling rolling beats, this is very dirty! Manuel ‘Kopf’ Coccia’s vocal tone contradicts with an enhancement to the dust ridden sound of the heavy G- tuned guitars perfectly, bringing a very unique blend of dirt alongside absolute clarity. “Cherry Tree” eases us in with a rhythmic deep guitar that oozes solidity with a stomping yet simple but effective drum track. Less is more they say! Well that’s certainly the case here. The vocal harmonies somehow remind me of Jon Anderson of YES although the pitch here is a tad lower. Hear this song once and you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day it sticks to your senses like white on rice. In for the strike with “A Well-aimed Blow of Naginata” that rolls and stomps into an open space that’s created by the harmony of the vocals, we are well and truly into the battle field and you can almost taste the dust. This song stomps and swaggers with serious intent with the beautiful deep rolling bass that creates a wall of intense sound of filthy power.

The off beat of “Runaway Horse” is a reminiscent of the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE when they bring the filth! Psychedelic Metal at its finest is right here, they have created a sound that’s fairly unique with their harmonic vocals and dirty girth of a guitar sound. And on to the highlight of the album for me “Book of Five Rings” which thumps and grinds, pulsating unusual tempo changes that are well and truly solid. Complimented by a repetitive vocal harmony that’s instantly memorable and timeless, this is good! The most dramatic song on the album is definitely “Typhoons” which reaches crescendo’s with hook after hook and cleverly blended blissful drops. There is a guitar riff that features in a couple of songs on this album, it’s the same one, a rolling riff that has been cleverly placed in at various stages of the album….a very nice touch!  The way of the Warrior is death and BUSHI certainly make you feel it. “Hidden in the Leaves” is no exception with its intent and direction, this whole album is definitely themed in admiration and respect for the ways of the ancient ‘Samurai’ nobility. With a lazy filthy riff which is complimented by a blistering beat and bass line the last track “Death Poems” ends this album as well as it began. From the off you know what your getting with this band, there are no surprises thrown at you, it’s consistently solid and harmonious which creates a very nice blend of dirt and clarity with impressive prowess.

I bow and show my respect to BUSHI for providing us with a very fine album and a very palatable but dirty experience. 

3 Star Rating

1. Rolling Heads
2. Cherry Tree
3. A Well-aimed Blow of Naginata
4. Runaway Horses
5. The Book of Five Rings
6. Typhoons
7. Hidden in Leaves
8. Death Poems
Alessandro Vagnoni – G-stringed Guitar, Bass, E-Drums, Vocals
Manuel ‘Kopf’ Coccia – Lead Vocals
Caterina Trucchia – Lead Vocals (on track 6)
Record Label: Independent


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