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But We Try It - A Twisted Sanctuary

But We Try It
A Twisted Sanctuary
by Adam Clarke at 08 July 2014, 4:56 PM

Once again we are presented with another fine example of why the Europeans are the Gods of Metal. I was pleasantly surprised when I proceeded to listen to the opening track of this album. The production team have done a tremendous job on providing a hard-hitting sound that enhances the particularly heavier aspects of the album, really adding to the sense of aggression and passion you feel as you listen through the album.

I was really impressed with Jörn’s voice on this album; the pitch of his harsh vocals fits nicely in the gap between brutal lows and deafening highs. It reminds me greatly of CALIBAN’s vocalist Andreas Dörner, also from Germany, as both vocalists share a similar style. On a different note, I feel that Jörn’s clean sections could do with some alterations. Due to the gruff nature of his voice, his clean vocals seem too forced and gritty (for example, in the title track “A Twisted Sanctuary”). However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t works out in other places throughout the album, I just feel that for the majority it was unnecessary.

Ultimately the band works hard together here to create some great metal:  heavy riffs, impressive solos and pounding drums create a force of energy that leaves you pumped. Right from the start of the opening track you are greeted with a barrage of bass that drives home what metal is all about. The stronger songs such as “Iron Reign” and “A Loss of Hope” are definitely the highlights of this album, with harmonized guitars creeping in at the perfect moments to create something beautiful to the ears, yet at the same time mimicking the aggressive nature of Jörn’s voice. I feel that the only song that I felt slightly let down by was “Promises”, as it disrupted the momentum of the album, yet I must also say that the diversity is somewhat needed to show how the band can alter their style.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the skill that BUT WE TRY IT has presented. “A Twisted Sanctuary” is definitely an album that I look forward to listening to again and I would recommend it for anyone who loves energetic heavy music.

4 Star Rating

1. Iron Reign
2. Through the Peril
3. Lose Control
4. Pretender To Your Throne
5. Promises
6. The Remedy
7. A Loss of Hope
8. Detachment
9. Contemporary Delusions
10. A Twisted Sanctuary
Jörn Preidt – Vocals
Tim Marxcors – Guitar
Dominik Ballreich – Guitar
Stefan Trautmann – Bass
Tim Esser – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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