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By The Patient - Gehenna Award winner

By The Patient
by Paulomaniaco at 25 November 2014, 9:39 PM

Danish Death Metallers BY THE PATIENT are releasing a new album called "Gehenna", the album is due in late January 2015.

The novelty in this album is the departure of their original singer Tan Yalin Hanse, and the decision of not adding a new singer, instead Simon, Troels and Theis stepped up to the plate and filled the gap left by Tan and the decision to do it so has paid off greatly.

Denmark has a great reputation in the Metal world and BY THE PATIENT are not disappointing; the first track to open the CD is "Ruled By The Death", very Scandinavian sounding, deep vocals, heavy riffs and good melodies. Next is "Deceiver", a faster song and much more aggressive as well; lovers of AT THE GATES will love it. It is very heavy when gets slower and a great atmosphere too, "Gehenna" starts off very slow and heavy, calm before the storm, very catching and evil with nice riffs. Actually this track remains slow until the end but it is a kick ass song; I love it.

"Web Of Beliefs" delivers power and hate, very straight forward song, followed by "The Sleep", starting very fast and then slowing down and fast again, great song, the vocal does an amazing job indeed, with lots of variations and the guitars kick asses.

"Snakes" and "This Barren Earth" follow the same path, fast and slow, great guitars and bass lines, excellent vocals all over and "Nat" a cool instrumental, heavy and dark.

Last song on the CD is "Omnivore", also the longest track, deep and harsh vocal, double kicks and the sounding of the guitars are fucking cool, a unique sound. As I said before, BY THE PATIENT have not disappointed at all, this album is a kick ass album and I think will take them to another direction indeed.

The music is excellent, well done!! The production is top notch, art cover is also excellent, my only criticism is That I would love to see more solos throughout the CD, but because the music is excellent; I will not take that under consideration too much.

5 Star Rating

1. Ruled By The Death
2. Deceiver
3. Gehenna
4. Web Of Beliefs
5. The Sleep
6. Snakes
7. Nat
8. This Barren Earth
9. Omnivore
Simon Andersen - Guitar, Vocals
Troels Nielsen - Bass, Vocals
Theis Poulsen - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Schonemann - Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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