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By Night - A New Shape Of Desperation (CD)

By Night
A New Shape Of Desperation
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 October 2006, 12:54 PM

What the fuck? Metalcore again? Why? One more Metalcore review from Yiannis D. and you surely are bored to the bone to read the same and the same again when it comes to Metalcore. I am listening to the CD right now, I try to be patient and listen to it for the second time but… No! I can't! I give up!
By Night are a pretty new band (as well as the whole Metalcore genre is a new musical torture). Actually, they were formed in 1999 in Falkenberg, Sweden. After two demos releases, By Night (2000) and Derelict (2001), and several line up changes, By Night recorded Lamentations (2002), which later appeared remastered on the Lifeforce split CD with Cipher System. After they signed a contract with Lifeforce, By Night released their debut album Burn The Flags (2005).
This is their second full-length album through Lifeforce and as it seems nothing has changed. The same boring catchy riffs combined with fast drumming and brutal vocals. Did I mention the melodic touches? If I mention them, will it make any difference? Every Metalcore band has exactly the same style, their songs have exactly the same structure and this gets more boring as time passes by. When I first listened to Metalcore, I thought that it was a really nice music and something a bit different. Soon I got really tired of it. Every CD I was listening to was looking alike the CD another Metalcore band had released. There are only a few Metalcore bands out there who truly deserve our attention and most important, our money. What if the production is really good? I don't give a fuck! These bands pay more attention to the production and forget to compose some decent songs!
This album is nothing more than a mediocre Metalcore release. Do you want to buy it? If you want to, just go get it. I have been tired of the lack of progress in this music genre!

2 Star Rating

It Starts Within
The Truth Is Sold
People Like You
Through Ashes We Crawl
Same Old Story
Dead Eyes See No Future
Walls Of Insecure
Forsaken Love
Cursed By The Thought
Time Is Running Out
Adrian Westin - Vocals
Marcus Wesslen - Bass
Andre Gonzales - Guitar
Henrik Persson - Guitar
Per Quarnstrom - Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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