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Bykürius – A Heretic Act Award winner

A Heretic Act
by James Brizuela at 01 October 2019, 5:37 AM

BYKÜRIUS, a duo symphonic black metal band of the UK, return with their new EP “A Heretic Act”. The duo originally came about as covering black metal songs, as well as, putting a black metal spin on heavy metal classics. “A Heretic Act” is their first all original produced music. BYKÜRIUS surprised me in a lot of ways. It is not often I get to hear a black metal group that presents with it the beauty of classical and symphonic sounding music. There is a pure and beautiful cohesion of brutality that they bring with the black metal sound, but the presence of their symphonic sound adds another depth not heard very often in the genre.

I knew immediately that “A Heretic Act” was going to be a refreshing take on black metal from the opening track, “Your Obsidian Labyrinth Opens”. A purely symphonic and instrumental track to set the scene for the brutality that would follow. “Rise, Our Father Lucifer” brings the brutality right from the start. But what began to surprise me immediately is the symphonic backing melody you hear as well. The track is so impressive. The brutal black metal sound pounding away, but what is not expected is the wailing guitar solo that leads into a soft piano and symphonic interlude. The interlude comes and brings the tempo way down while kicking the intensity back up to the brutal sound of the track. What is most impressive is that it works so well without sacrificing the theme of the track. Beauty and brutality at its finest.

The fact that this is the first time that BYKÜRIUS is offering their own music speaks volumes to their musical prowess. The production value and depth are through the roof. Another surprisingly element is the adage of clean vocals to the music. Another element not heard very often in prototypical black metal. It completely reminds me of Italian death metal giants, FLESHGOD APOCALPYSE. The duality of the brutal and clean vocals that pair together so well, bringing this extra layer of pure sound maturity. The pure sound eloquence of this EP continued to impress me throughout. What threw me most through a loop, was the final track of the EP. It was not what I would have ever expected to hear from a black metal band, even a symphonic one at that. “Worship the Fallen” is purely melodic and a symphonic masterpiece. There are only clean vocals that exist to bring to your knees with emotionality. The beginning guitar melody sets the mood of pure and utter acceptance.

A feeling of accomplishment for the journey that you just experienced. The flute, violin, and piano coming in and adding that extra layer of beauty. The track began as a sort of 80's power ballad, only to end in the most beautiful way possible with the myriad of classical instrumentation. “A Heretic Art” is such a rich EP. The symphonic beauty and fierce sounds presented elevate the black metal genre to a level of beauty I did not think could exist. Or rather, I did not know until now could have ever happened. This is only an EP and BYKÜRIUS accomplished in outdoing themselves. I hope the full-length album is on its way.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Your Obsidian Labyrinth Opens
2. Rise, Our Father Lucifer
3. Satan’s Wretched Army Grows
4. Baphomet Rules Below
5. Worship the Fallen
Swagrath – Vocals, Guitars
Muzgash – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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