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Destinity - Resolve In Crimson Award winner

Resolve In Crimson
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 October 2012, 3:40 PM

With the past pleasures I had with the French DESTINITY’s previous album, “XI Reasons To See”, I was actually rather fearful for the incoming revelation of their new album “Resolve In Crimson”, also via Lifeforce Records. What can I say I was a bit paranoid as there have been more than several bands that failed to impress me after releasing something better years before. However, that occurrence happens all the time in the music business, so I might be overly unreasonable after a thought. Nonetheless, to my utter delight, DESTINITY, a band that went far into the vast reaches of extreme Metal and back while finding themselves, at least for now, in the area between modern Thrash and melodic Death Metal, created yet another masterpiece that distorted my senses and engulfed me with a tight furious embrace, chaining me into their material and inner personal themes of chaos following their high technical abilities and sense of diversity.

Frankly, after “Black Sun Rising”, the album’s opener, past right through me with full throttle speed, like a whirlwind that never calms, I thought to myself that “Resolve In Crimson”, might end up as another contemporary melodic Death Metal album just like the rest of the highly produced bands of the present. And believe me that there are plenty of these bands and their seed is spreading like flies on shit. However, after each passing song of, especially “Reap My Scars”, “Can’t Stand The Sight”, “Break Into His Heart” and “The Hatred”, I seemed to have gulped the essence of DESTINITY. Behind the shadow which is their music and lyrics, there is weeping soul bursting into tears of rage looking to set itself free into a violent world in order to find its own niche, to prove that it can survive. Not that this shadow I defined is unimportant but the essence bred by it bought me once again as it once did on “XI Reasons To See”. Some things are hard to explain clearly but you just can’t argue with a line of thought even if it is vague. As far the shell of the music goes, the DESTINITY crew didn’t surprise me as I already knew that their performance would sweep me off my feet. Such an amazing flow, terrific harmonies, a melodic cutting edge that beat its previous contender, a massive union of vocalic channels in high quality (Also thanks to the immense production), and wild energetic rhythm section displaying tempos and measures of the up to date versions of Thrash and Death Metal, like a fine fusion of DARK TRANQULLITY with early THE HAUNTED and THE CROWN, kind of a Swedish consciousness I might add but it is effective and well displayed. There were a few examples of sections heard before, but on top of these sections, merely the rhythms, DESTINITY capitalized while adding more layers of melodies and bright harmonies, disparaging soloing samples, keyboards, acoustic guitars and tremendous clean vocals.

“Resolve In Crimson” surely strengthen my allegiance to DESTINITY even further. These guys ought to present themselves in the biggest of venues, they might sound youthful and fresh, in the vein of these melodic Death Metal bands out there, yet this French crew is superior, swifter, better experienced and with a greater vision of how to create melodic extreme music that would touch the inner soul, that deep down place where only darkness reigns. I suggest that you would rush fast into Lifeforce Records’ website and buy it like crazy.

4 Star Rating

1. Black Sun Rising
2. Reap My Scars
3. Aiming A Fist In Enmity
4. Can't Stand The Sight
5. A Scent Of Scorn
6. Redshift
7. Only Way
8. Break Into His Heart
9. The Hatred
Mick- Vocals
Zephiros- Guitars
Morteüs- Drums / Samples / Clean Vocals
Seb v.s - Lead guitars
Dave- Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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