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Wild Kitten - Self-Titled

Wild Kitten
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 January 2013, 1:37 PM

For a while there I got tired of modern sounding Hair / Glam Metal, I have been looking for that sweet old sound of the mid to late 80s, or at least a closer orientation, that sort of crunchiness and sparkle. Probably not the cup of tea of present average listener, but who cares? There is something special about the old scene that is hard to just shake and let go. So what would you do with an addict, let him squirm? Only if you are an evil S.O.B. Otherwise it is food for everyone. Therefore, in this time of early morning riding the train, I sunk my teeth on the Sleaze / Glam Metal band from Greece named WILD KITTEN. Believe that recognizing them as Hello Kitty would possibly offend them. Recently signed to Defox Records, their debut self-titled release, consisting of seven tracks of 80s tight leather, sex, dirty talking but with an esteemed performance, was released digitally as a part of a new format with only a CD to their local circle. Clichés sometimes are a thing of beauty, if reoccurred just right, and WILD KITTEN are that picture of platitudes early crafted by MOTLEY CRUE, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, CINDERELLA, FEMME FATALE, WARLOCK and TIGERTAILZ among the many. Plenty of flesh for everyone on this album.

At first I thought to myself about some of the ridiculous lyrical arrangements that I heard on songs like the band's hit "F.U.C.K.", which displayed hell of composite riffing just as the genre dictated, or "Get Down On My Knees", that preserved that same chorus pattern equal to past pretenses. On the other hand, I found brawling on the wrong angle as the band's attitude remained loyal what these songs are all about, so ridiculous or not, they made their point even if sounding a bit amateurish. Furthermore, WILD KITTEN did up class those former efforts with the enchanting ballad of "Illusion", displaying a great vocal work by the sexy, Lee Aaron influenced, Eliz Foxy, probably one of her best outtakes throughout the list. Generally it is a rather basic kind of ballad but it came at the right time with a profound atmosphere that will the sweep the best of you. "Hell On My Wheels", "Wild Kitten" and "Female Devil" made it happen as shaping themselves as true 80s Rockers with rudimentary song structures but with a banging might on the riffs and beats. I learned to admire Foxy's vocals as she wasn't always on the right track sounding a bit dopy. Maybe it is the cheap style production seeming slightly homey. However, I was emblazoned by the fashion of the band's version for the old Pop tune "In The Heat Of Night", well made, greatly played, smashing soloing and an impressive. Just the shot of sugar induced adrenaline that I needed this morning, right before my first cup of coffee.

WILD KITTEN is mere simply band with a badass attitude, no trends, no special technical antics, no effects but only Rock N' Roll. Therefore nothing new to offer, but doing what they chose to do, is made finesse equally to what was produced decades ago. I would have worked on the production a bit more prior to releasing this album in order to sound moderately professional, but I guess that it is only the first stop of this train.

4 Star Rating

1. Female Devil
2. F.U.C.K.
3. Get Down On My Knees
4. Hell On My Wheels
5. Illusion
6. In The Heat Of The Night (Sandra Cover)
7. Wild Kitten
Eliz Foxy – Vocals
Nikki Love – Guitar
John L. – Guitar
Teo Anifas – Bass
Roxx Ztar - Drums
Record Label: Defox Records


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