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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship - Sentiments Award winner

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 02 August 2022, 7:50 PM

If I love this album as much as I already love the band’s name CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP, I’m in for an enjoyable listen. Founded in 2013 and creating their own unique musical style without sticking to a formula, the four lads from Leicestershire, within the English midlands, released their second full length album “Sentiments” in May of 2022. Eleven songs that mix Electro and Metal into what the band describes as “Electronicore” while collectively adding synthesizer and heavy bass to complete their dance-vibe melodic sound changing dancefloors into pulsating mosh pits.

We begin with “Demons”, which jumps effortlessly between a slick mixture of clean vocals morphing into growling death metal vocals with hard beating riffs and explosive backing beats. A high energy and rocking song. “War” starts out a little mellow with the clean vocals leading the way before the growling overtakes and slams into a furiously haunting beat. The most “electro” song sound is found on “Golden” with crushing riffs and errie and twisted tempo changes that finishes with a pure death metal sound. “Ghosts” dares to veer off the path a wee bit with some rap-like vibe but still remaining true to the hardness. Ok, where you are taking me on “Smile”, starts out like a lullaby before hammering a complex mix of clean and death growls perfectly harmonizing backed by a thundering drumbeat. “Cure” is my favorite song on this album, curiously there are no growls, just a masterfully sung poetic clean vocal song that slowly builds to an explosive true rocker with pulsating riffs and a blistering guitar solo, and passionate lyrics that compliment “All I need is light to save me from the darkness of mine, that is my mind”

Normally I would yell out loud “WHY” when a band transitions from great clean rocking vocals to a death metal growl, but CABIN BOY JUMPED SHIP shut me up, but good. I was completely blown away by the masterful and smooth way they merged both sounds together. Conor Peek and Reece Miller should put a patient on this formula. I’m not sure where the band came up with their self-described sound “Electronicore”, I found it a tad misleading as I was expecting more of a synth sound. The album flows from start to finish with a furious massive sound, bone crunching guitar work that provide a perfect metal mix. I found “Sentiments” hard, melodic, raw, and sinister all wrapped up in an awesome headbanging album.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Sentiments
2. Demons
3. War
4. Golden
5. Ghosts
6. Deluded
7. Suffering
8. Cure
9. Low
10. Survivor
11. Smile
Conor Peek – lead vocals
Jayke Davenport – bass guitar
Reece Miller – drums/ clean vocals
Abel Aguado - guitar
Record Label: AFM Records


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