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Caedeous - Obscurus Perpetua Award winner

Obscurus Perpetua
by JOGANEGAR at 24 May 2022, 9:21 AM

CAEDEOUS is a musical project by Portuguese prodigy Paulo Mendes, a multi-instrumentalist with a wide experience in his craft, an ex member of another two bands where he has had the chance to take on different styles of METAL; He manages to take care of playing all the instruments and writing all the songs in this album, to continue with the great trend of fantastic releases which have been launched all across the beginning of this year. The beginning of the album is an outstanding example of musical production and composition, but mostly of my favorite kind of death metal, always oriented to a certain place rhythmically and constructing aural structures that build a construct of ethereal, yet solid structure that is not only an experience that will fill our time, but improve and evolve both our musical taste and artistic satisfaction.

“Tormentis Aeterna” is an outstanding opener, many layers of carefully gathered sounds will capture your very core with the grip of a warlock in the middle of a maelstrom descending in to hell; a journey that you won’t be able to put on hold if you consider yourself both an enthusiast of Metal and Music. The descent into the whole experience carries on for six old tracks like “Surge Tenebris” which depicts a sublime female voice of the background, providing a contrast that permeates the mood created in this song with a metaphorical environment which I am sure more than a few will find to be situated within the boundaries of musical exquisiteness

The similarities with some of the legends of the genre, or subgenre are undeniable, but the ingredient of innovation ad creation innoculated within this debut album by CAEDEOUS which I can say that I am both proud and glad to review, is undeniable and the experience put together by the minds of the founder of this band and the voice of Thomas Blanc which can count more bands that you can imagine in his musical resume, and certainly proves so in the violence of his vocal register which despite staying monstrous and scandalous in all the songs, also maintains a constant cadence and harmonic orientation that blended together with the voice Josephine W.H. makes a record worth not only the attention, but also the recognition of Metal and Music lovers in the world alike.

All the titles of the songs are in Latin and there are also two recognizable covers that blend beauty and mysticism just as well as the music manages to do. A flawless work of creativity and a certain keeper for the vaults of the Metal Temple for the remaining of the years.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. VII Stratis Inferni
2. Tormentis Aeterna
3. Obscurus Perpetua
4. Surge Tenebris
5. Magisteri Pecatorum
6. Damnatio Memoriae
7. Ortus Sodomorum, et Gomorrhae
8. Principum est Finis, Finis est Principum
Paulo J. Mendes– All instruments, Songwriting
D.M.- Vocals
Josephine W.H.- Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 July 2022

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