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Cainan Dawn – Lagu

Cainan Dawn
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 September 2022, 3:45 PM

From their EPK, “Contemplate - The infinite waves of your soul will let themselves be caught up, a journey where the sky will be nothing more than a memory. Dive into this watery vastness, and immerse yourself. Then he will reveal himself, the deeply conscious being. Welcome in the drown - an endless slide where the abyssal depths await you for eternity…” The album contains nine songs.

“Nun” is the first. The first minute is very quiet, with a gentle breeze blowing. That breeze turns to a cold wind that bites through your clothes, followed by ominous, end-of-the-world type tones. Seguing into “Mychtophidae,” it begins with the cold winds, followed by a solemn and somber sound that turns to anger with the vocals. The song grows angrier as it moves along, with thickened layers of guitars and eerie background elements. It segues again into “Y’ha-Nthlei,” which sounds like the name of an undead Goddess reincarnated to reap your soul. The sound is harrowing and horrid. She might look beautiful, but if you take a deeper look, you can see her for the Medusa that she is. “Okeanos” is the first song without a clean transition from the previous one. The sound is still a dreadful combination of despondency and rage, without either one overtaking the other. The vocals are mostly responsible for the rage, and the music for the despondency.

“Atlantis” is a lengthy offering filled where the cracks are filled in and sealed. Fast-moving and tight passages mark the ever-changing skies of sun peaks and thick black clouds. It’s also the first song where there are some clean vocals. “Septima” begins with the soft crashing of waves, followed by somber and melancholy tones. The song turns heavier but still with that depressive sound. It’s like riding a rough wave into your demise. “Apnea” is an unrelenting powerful force, like a mountain than cannot be moved. The commanding power comes from thousands of centuries of mountain building, slowly shaping its form. Towards the end, the riffs come out with absolute eminence. “Lagu” features a bit of an electronic sound, especially in the drums. It’s unlike any of the other songs on the album, in that the quiet confidence is uses to build the song is done brick by brick. I love the bass notes here as well. “Profundum” closes the album…another wonderfully depressive song with peaks of rage. It also has a mesmerizing quality in the main riff. It picks up towards the end, running a final sprint with all its energy.

This was an intriguing listen. Although it’s Black Metal, it isn’t like the music of the forefathers of the genre. They use a mixture of the rage of the genre with deeply depressing tones, and even some ambient features, and they do it with absolute confidence. In keeping with the water theme, look at the shades of blue and indigo on the album cover for a view as to what is inside the vast oceans. Diving, immersing, and drowning are three words the band used to describe the album. What awaits you is deeply personal and troubling, and there is no going back.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Nun
2. Myctophidae
3. Y'ha-Nthlei
4. Okeanos
5. Atlantis
6. Septima
7. Apnea
8. Lagu
9. Profundum
Keithan – Bass
Heruforod – Vocals, Guitars
Avgruun – Guitars
Kloct – Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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