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Call of the Void - Ageless Award winner

Call of the Void
by Michael Coyle at 22 March 2015, 9:20 PM

So today we have the second release from Colorado Grind band CALL OF THE VOID, entitled “Ageless”. I wanted to start this off with the first track just to see what the opening to this record would show me, so without further delay here is “Old Hate”. The opening is very groove based and has this slow and very hypnotic style, which in a way, did make me spin around in my head trying to find solid ground (haha), besides this though, this is actually something which has caught my interest. After the opening finishes, we start to go heavy with fast double bass drum and guitar riffs flying about like no one’s business. The traits of a band that have taken inspiration from the old vanguard of Grindcore bands, besides this, we can also see that the band have a very strong Hardcore Punk influence, when it comes to the vocals, and as well, the guitars, which goes to prove that these old age elements have not been forgotten, whereas other new age bands have began labeling themselves as Hardcore Punk. From what I have been able to hear from this track, I find that it is a solid statement that these guys are the real deal and are proving it hard; by far, this is a track that really will make you want to go fucking crazy, two thumbs up guys.

The next track which caught my attention was the albums third track, “The Sun Chaser”. From the very start you get this “in your face” blast to the jaw, which really shows that these guys want to make a point proven, and that point is certainly being made with this track in every way possible. The anger you feel in this song is just unreal, if you ask me folks, just because it takes you by the hair and throws you to the ground with no second look back and no mercy to be shown at all. But what you feel in this track is that old school punk inspiration, which makes this song more than it is and keeps the beatings going. I feel this heavy, nasty, powerful and violent force, which takes heavy music to a new level, and certainly with a band like this, your going to get every little bit of this incredible brutality that these guys have forged along the way.

To conclude. This album is a new chapter in the legend of the Grindcore scene, as well as the Hardcore Punk handbook; it takes everything from each of these music types and forces them together in a blender, which is force fed to a mental patient, which in turn creates this record; truly by the record’s name, this is “Ageless”!!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Old Hate
2. Truth In Bone
3. The Sun Chaser
4. R.I.S.
5. Black Ice
6. I
7. The Hive
8. Cold Hands
9. Long Knives
10. Honor Among Thieves
11. II
12. Ageless
Gordon Koch - Drums
Patrick Alberts - Guitar
Gabe Morales - Guitar
Alex Pace - Bass
Steve Vanica - Vocals
Record Label: Relapse Records


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