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Can Of Worms – Kult Of Nuke

Can Of Worms
Kult Of Nuke
by Jess Harman at 23 July 2015, 1:55 PM

CAN OF WORMS was born in late 2007 and hails from France. Their goal is to continually and rapidly create powerful and aggressive music inline with some of Thrash greats SLAYER, KREATOR, and EXODUS. The band has two previous releases. One in 2009, their first release and EP titled “Thrash Or Die” and their first full-length album release “World Collapse” in 2012. The group intends on keeping their Thrash and Death Metal musical mixture as old school Metal. The guys used this intention to increase the trade off between Death and Thrash vocals and creating supercharged music. CAN OF WORMS is back with their third overall release and their sophomore full-length effort “Kult Of Nuke”. This album comes in with eleven tracks and is just under 50 minutes of listening time.

The first run through this album was interesting. The music is damn good, my love for growled vocals are met with a bellowing gritty bite, and I even enjoyed the cleaner Thrash vocals. Not being a huge fan of Thrash, I wasn’t sure how a Thrash and Death Metal combination would settle, but over all it was a pretty good album. The only thing that could have made it better for me personally was the addition of a little bit darker sound. The sound is definitely more Thrash-y. That’s just a personal observation and I believe that there a many listeners that would love this music just the way it is with its intense, albeit less often, darkness and its balls to the wall Thrash.

A couple of tracks that I really enjoyed on the album are: “Children of Nuke”, “Chemical Witchcraft”, “Endless Vortex” and “Blasphemic God”. All have an interesting take on CAN OF WORMS meaning of Thrash and Death Metal. They also have an intense bass line. The bass in these tracks is low and brutal and helps bring in a more Death Metal feel to a Thrash heavy album. Overall, this is a high energy album with a bit of dark weaved through. The album is a high Thrash low Death Metal mixture that has an exciting and creative newness to the Metal scene. Take a listen to the album and let the creativeness of CAN OF WORMS “Kult Of Nuke” be your decide.

4 Star Rating

1. Altered
2. Hybrid Heaven
3. Abyss
4. Chemical Witchcraft
5. Children of Nuke
6. Doomsday Preacher
7. Endless Vortex
8. Arachnid
9. Colossal Maelstrom
10. Blasphemic God
11. Future Breed Necromancer
Steven - Vocals & Guitars
Kroxk – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Julien – Bass & Backing Vocals
Patrick - Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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