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Cancerfaust – Let The Earth Tremble

Let The Earth Tremble
by Quinten Serna at 01 October 2020, 7:48 AM

Death: the unholy and incarnate tremor that ripples through the annals of history from the greatest of empires to the most trite of matters—it is this archaic sensation of dread and intrigue which fuels the genre of Death Metal and grants strength to it. CANCERFAUST is themselves no new addition to the scene, however after 7 years from inception they have given unto the world their world-shattering debut, “Let The Earth Tremble.”

The album begins funny enough on quite a self-inflicting kind of stance with the song, “Ad Hominem.” The track serves as a prelude to the album commencing with a flourish of atmosphere and a cynical quote from CHARLES BUKOWSKI describing his disdain for the human race. What follows is a hastened stillness before the title track, “Let The Earth Tremble,” immediately fills the space and wrests the listener’s attention in full, commanding pure rawness in its delivery.”Into The Void” shares its title with a quite well known track, though couldn’t be farther from construction or presentation, in the stead of groove the song offers headbanging drums, throbbing bass, and some manner of sound which could only be described as Surfer Guitar on speed. The song “To The Pyre” slows things down to a degree for its introduction, though returns to type of progressions as its counterparts for the remainder of the song. The final song, “Ad Mortem,” is a culmination of the different elements found on the whole of the LP sans voice, and works both as closer and an overview of the band’s strengths.

The sound, in brief, is a full on torrential onslaught assaulting your sensations without any care. The instrumentation is somewhere between well defined and lost in the mix, a very odd compound which I’m still finding it difficult to understand; the album has a very large wash sound to it, as one would expect of a band recording with low budget equipment, but while I’ve no knowledge of the quality of studio the presentation of the music leads to the question that the fidelity is in fact intentional, some manner of artistic decision made to draw attention to the tension which naturally rests within the music further epitomized by the soundscape. The guitars, for instance, have a washed and background type of sound to them, but yet are very present and blend quite well with one another managing distinction to a great capacity. The bass feels more as an omnipresent force than a particular instrument, its presentation is so well integrated into the mix that the fleeting moments without it are strikingly noticeable and feel empty as a result. The drums have an immense pop to them, such that the snare cuts through the mix more than any other instrument including the voice. Finally, the vocals are something grand and powerful commanding the listener’s attention of the instruments any time that they’re present and seeming to drive each song at that.

Let The Earth Tremble” presents itself as a cut above the noise, something of such well organized design that it stands out amongst a torrent of new entries into the same niche pool; for anyone with any passing interest in Death Metal you might come to find a new favorite once you get past the sound design, and long time fans of the band will most likely adore the album they’ve waited for.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Ad Hominem
2. Let The Earth Tremble
3. Into The Void
4. Blood For Gods
5. To The Pyre
6. Let Them Fall
7. Only Hatred Remains
8. The Curse
9. There Is Nothing
10. Ad Mortem
Kornel Maniewski – Bass
Łukasz Wołodkiewicz – Drums
Adam Stodolny – Guitars and Lyrics
Michał Pera – Guitars
Tomasz Fabiszak – Vocals
Record Label: Godz Of War Productions


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Edited 23 October 2020

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