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Cancervo – I

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 March 2021, 12:31 PM

CANCERVO is the name of an iconic mountain in the heart of a valley rich of tradition and popular legends. In 2020 three local guys, charmed by the tale of the creature half dog and half deer who live on that mountain, create a Power Heavy Psych trio. With 70’s heavy riffs and mystical moments, they tribute their own valley. “I” is the band’s debut album, and contains six tracks.

The title track leads off the album. A creepy little opening riff leads to a heavy, pounding charge. It waxes and wanes and ends with some feedback. “Averara” begins with a slow pulse of clean guitars, bass and light drumming. It pulses a bit towards the middle part of the song, then a heavy riff drops, with hard accents. Some lead guitar notes sprinkle in over the heavy bass notes in a bluesy pattern, ending again with more guitar feedback.

“Aralalta” opens with bass guitar notes. Slowly, it gains footing and moves forward, with some drums. Guitars soon join in, along with some lead notes. A steady drone begins to take over the album at this point. “Darco” begins with some trippy lead guitar notes, and then a fuzzy and heavy riff. Drums and bass join in. The lumbering sounds echo a large beast moving across the tundra, one footstep at a time. It takes a quick pause, then the riff returns.

“SWALBR” begins with a SABBATH style riff…something from their self-titled debut album. Some lead guitars come into play, but they lean on that opening five-note sequence quite heavily here. “1987” closes the album. It begins with a faster pace and is the shortest song on the album. Bass notes thwack away with some light leads overtop the tom drums. The sequence is repeated again until some heavy thuds come in at the end, taking the song to completion.

Perhaps my biggest complaint about the album is that there is barely enough sonority to really even call this music. It’s so simplistic in the delivery as well. Sure, you can sit back, fire up a blunt, and play this album, and just get lost in it. But it doesn’t do much for me. The fact that there are no vocals also really has no effect on me. But the lack of diversity does. I suppose that is deeply rooted in the genre. Meh, it was just OK for me.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Cancervo
2. Averara
3. Aralalta
4. Darco
6. 1987
Record Label: Electric Valley Records


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