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Candelabrum - Nocturnal Trance

Nocturnal Trance
by Allen Peters at 11 July 2022, 11:15 AM

The creepy atmosphere that CANDELABRUM presents to us right from the beginning in “Nocturnal Trance,” is honest in its attempt. Hailing from Portugal, this is the highly anticipated third album for this unnamed man. It is available on CD, LP, and cassette.

Mesmerizing and losing you in its ambiance from its very beginning, a feeling of death is always lingering nearby. Death being a constant theme since the first album, you are carried through the mists of its evilness all of the way through these five songs on this latest album as well. Where you end up, you may not want to know.

Raw, Black Metal, to be experienced in life til death, interpreted with lyrics and translated from one dark soul to another. Haunting us all, giving you what you seek of this genre and taking you to another dimension of the reality to your future, “Through the Mirror Of Divination,” is where you will find or lose yourself. The soft shrieks will guide you along the way as you soak it all in, you may seem to spin out of control.

“Poisonous Dark Apparitions,” is made from the same concoction as the first two songs. It seems almost seamless in its sound. If that is the goal, it’s working, nothing is really standing by itself so far. This one seems to drag on to nowhere. “Beyond,” seems to go a bit further and speeds up a little, but not for long. The grim reaper is back, and your pulse is beginning to slow, hovering just above death, you are finally revived enough in the end to carry you into the last part of this ongoing trance. Maybe you will make it out the other side, you’ve made it this far!

“Into Death’s Trance,” will not snap you out of it. The diversity we seek will not be found. This one is one of the better tunes, but it was quite the journey to get to this point on our last stop. Simple and to the point, point taken. This is one big story, and it flows together as such. If you need to put yourself in a certain place, a dark place, this one will take you there. Is it a good place, no. Is that the concept, yes. So, I will have to say to those that seek this flavor of witch’s brew, success!

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6

3 Star Rating

1.  Crystalline Telasthesia
2.  Through The Mirror of Divination
3.  Poisonous Dark Apparitions
4.  Beyond (Back to The Origin)
5.  Into Deaths Trance
Record Label: Hells Headbangers


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