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Canker - Earthquake

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2017, 5:29 PM

I am positive that it is not the first time, nor the last time unfortunately, that a band simply cannot put out material due to external or internal issues within the band. Working on material only to keep it away until the whenever, is quite saddening, especially if can do good for the band and its future progress. For the back in the action, veteran Spanish Death / Thrash Metal warmongers, CANKER, it took twelve years to unleash the recordings of what became their third album, "Earthquake", and finally releasing it properly. The local meat factory of Xtreem Music was there for them to revive an effort that wouldn’t be forgotten or put aside to rot in a corner somewhere. The problems surrounding the unreleased of this album sooner are under a cloud of fog, however, at least it is out and it surely has a fiery spirit

To be honest, it crossed my mind for a minute, after listening to the single, and opening track, “Whale Hunt”, that this album is going to be yet another grave smashing Death Metal combustion. Not that the newly found underground gruesomeness isn’t invigorating, as it has its moments, yet, "Earthquake" really shook things up for the better, delivering an iron fist through my jaw right after the opening onslaught. With barely assimilating segments of the modern fusion within the genre, which is quite common nowadays, the passionate Spanish horde proved their point rather quickly, entrusting their souls to the old school reign.

Like shot through the max of a cannon, CANKER rapidly set their presence, devouring everything in their path similar to the early 90s of the Dutch Death Metal scene, with SINISTER / ASPHYX / HOWITZER sliding through the top of my mind. Such immense energies, bone breaking riffs of both European driven Death Metal and US Bay Area Thrash Metal, somewhere in the range of EXODUS, and a piece of destructive rhythm section, are the true Earthquake my dear Metal fans. Occasionally, under the guttural blood spews of his frontman and the bashing of his skinman, Miguel Hernández would celebrate the undying energy with an ample good soloing, right before heading back to the ferocity with his peer.

“Leyla Island” is the band’s top of the line, hinting of the early downfall of SEPULTURA, yet at least putting it into good use and for the band’s advantage, along with undeniable Thrash Metal brutality. CANKER undoubtable made one of the interesting old school Death Metal songs to date with this pretty face. “Earthquake” and “Black Star” affirmed that this is a one hell of a heavy album, blistering with meaty riffs, crossing neatly between the extreme force to classic titans of the late 80s. Also warmly recommended: “Biosfear”, “Bedout” and “The Ghosts of Past”.

It wasn’t expected, I had my train thought to elsewhere right until I was hit by this major ton of bricks of an album. Without much complexity, CANKER released an honest album, a special reserve for a comeback.

Purchase Link: Xtreem Music

4 Star Rating

1. Whale Hunt
2. Earthquake
3. Hand of God
4. Biosfear
5. Leyla Island
6. Bedout
7. Ravenous
8. The Ghosts of Past
9. Black Star
10. Obliteration
Leo Gonzalez - Vocals
Miguel Hernández - Guitar / Vocals
Manuel Trespe - Rhythm Guitar
Antonio León Garrido - Bass
Raúl Márquez - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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