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Cannabis Corpse – Nug So Vile Award winner

Cannabis Corpse
Nug So Vile
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 22 November 2019, 2:05 PM

What happens when you cross weed jokes and Death Metal? That’s right kids, a new CANNABIS CORPSE album. They are described as a few people as being a parody band, mainly because their name originates as a parody of the name of veteran Death Metal Gods CANNIBAL CORPSE. While the CANNABIS CORPSE songs are fully original, their album and song titles are parodies of many other death metal bands' album and song titles (e.g. "Tube of the Resinated" vs CANNIBAL CORPSE’s "Tomb of the Mutilated"). That being said, these guys are seriously talented. So pass round the jay and get into this album.

Conquerors of Chronageddon” has a sample start more like METALLICA’sOne” than we’d normally be used to. It’s only a brief sample to the open the album, but it’s used well. The build up from the off is awesome. The balance and control from all 3 works perfectly. The pace is set to max and the technical chords added through a great volume and depth into the song. Great start to the album. Heads will bang, pits will open.

Nug So Vile” has a different start with a slower sludge style pace mixing thrash style chords. The balance is held together effortlessly. The buildup has a few almost like the legendary Dimebag (R.I.P.) style slides added in to create a sound you may not be expecting, but can certain appreciate. The vocals have a VADAR crossed theme, but as the balance is held together it works. The styles mixed together come out in harmony

Blunt Force Domain” starts off dirty as fuck, it’s great, the chords and slides are beautiful. This could easily get into Technical Thrash territory here. Vocals come in after a minute and break down the sound. The chords from Adam are still controlling the some with Josh pounding the drum beat to match. This song could be on any EXODUS, TESTAMENT or KREATOR album and be the best on the album. It is that good. You want it to be 8 minute anthem length, but it leaves you wanting more

Cylinders of Madness” ticks over from the off brilliantly. The added chord break downs build up the song into a progression that is flawless. As it’s not a long song there isn’t as many changes as other songs on the album, but the changes there are work phenomenally well. More mini instrumental solos added in to create a tempo that could just keep going.

Blasphemy Made Hash” is a TESTAMENT or VADAR song I swear, if not then CANNABIS CORPSE have taken all the great things that the other 2 bands do, mixed it together (in the bowl) and then created a harmonic masterpiece. The technical ability in this song is for all to hear from the off, but the balance to contain that and the aggression from the vocals is spot on. It has a TESTAMENTSouls of Black” but adding VADAR’s aggression. Perfect!

Cheeba Jigsore Quandary” continues with the old Thrash styles in its approach, which is good coz the sounds are from the greatest time frame in Thrash. The vocals add a great depth to the song, progressing the sound into its own element. The melody from all sections in the band work together in harmony to create a pure sound that I could listen to all day.

Edibles Autopsy” is another instant head banger. The aggression from the vocals goes together this SLAYER style chords scheme buildup. The pace is decent for speed so before you realize the song is over. It seems like more of a filler song, which when it’s this quality, well played.

Dawn of Weed Possession” starts off thick and oozy. Very sludge. That clears as soon as vocals enter. Pace is picked up and thrown at the wall. The technical skills shown in the latter half of the song are fantastic, really building up atmosphere in the song, creating volume and depth to end the song in a flurry.

The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone)” is probably my favorite song of the album, not just coz the funny song title. It starts in similar vain to many of the other songs, but every one of the opening melodies is different, so too is this one. The vocals are deep, similar to a clearer version of SIX FEET UNDER. The instrumentalist’s skill on display here is fantastic once more. You feel that every song is different and unique, which makes the song and album awesome. This is only a short song but you still want double the time allotted for the song.

The Ultimate Indica-ntation” has a thick bass start to liven things and mix shit up. The vocals kick in, the melody doesn’t seem to be up to full speed but it’s still effective nonetheless. There is even some EXODUS style technical skills thrown in also to add a new feel to the song. Vocals also have that feel. The outro feels like it would do fine in a Halloween film, gret addition

From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration” is the album closer the album deserved. Its well-timed in pace and contains the balance that the album has been oozing. The technical talent is again here for all to hear. It’s not a long song, so it doesn’t fade out or drag to end. It’s a perfect ending to a flawless album

This is one of the best albums of 2019. It’s every stoners Death Metal dream. There is not one song on the album that you can skip over. Its blend of power chords, technical thrash and hilarious song titles makes this album earn a solid 10 and that’s only coz we can’t do 11/10. I’d go as saying their best overall album to date. 420.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Conquerors of Chronageddon
2. Nug So Vile
3. Blunt Force Domain
4. Cylinders of Madness
5. Blasphemy Made Hash
6. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary
7. Edibles Autopsy
8. Dawn of Weed Possession
9. The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone)
10. The Ultimate Indica-ntation
11. From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration
Philip Kyle Hall aka Landphil – Lead Vocals, Bass & Guitars
Adam Guilliams – Guitars
Josh Hall aka HallHammer – Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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