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Cannibal Accident - Lennu

Cannibal Accident
by Dorothy Cheng at 03 January 2014, 8:21 PM

Grindcore is not a genre of subtleties. Everything is in your face and more is more. So when a band like CANNIBAL ACCIDENT comes along, hailing from the very Metal land of Finland, professing to play “old school Grindcore with quality mosh parts”, it does set the bar pretty high.

“Lennu” the EP encapsulates CANNIBAL ACCIDENT’s entire musical attitude in six songs. They’re a very energetic bunch with a lot of influences from Punk and Hardcore who revel in the simplicity of Grindcore’s straightforward nature. The entire vibe of the album borders on groovy and even catchy, that is, if your ear is accustomed to Grindcore, so overall, it makes for a very enjoyable effort. If this was a Country album, I’d say it had sing-along qualities.

But that’s where it starts to disintegrate – the devil-may-care approach materializes itself it a few ways that end up coming across as sloppy and at times, too Punk to be Metal. Let me explain. Punk prides itself on its individuality and the fact that they shit in the face of industry. Metal however, tends to hold a more sophisticated view of musicianship. In a way, Metal is more serious, Punk is more fun-loving. CANNIBAL ACCIDENT seem like they want to adopt both ideologies and represent all their influences in their music, but they fail to pull it off in a sophisticated manner and end up stumbling between the finer lines of Punk and Metal, unable to reconcile both skilfully.

The main area where this issue shines through is the vocals. It’s passionless and robotic, at times ridiculously theatrical, and when it all comes together, it just strikes an odd nerve, and this is putting it lightly. The rest of the instruments are doing a typical job, churning out whatever breakdowns are required of them, inching closer and closer to inhuman speed as much as Grindcore allows them to. But the vocals bring into focus how undeveloped the music is, and once you notice that inconsistency, it’s a little difficult to appreciate the rest of the album as good old fun Grindcore.

That being said, the press release does not make the album out to be more than it is. If you’re looking for “old school Grindcore with quality mosh parts”, "Lennu" delivers adequately, no more and no less than any other Grindcore band out there today coming up with EPs. It’s as furious and manic as it can get, wasting no time with sensibility and instead diving violently into the abyss of blast beats of monstrous riffs. All this adds to my point that "Lennu" is not an album of pristine make – it’s simply a fun product meant to energize the scene and get your neck snapping.

3 Star Rating

1. Orgiastic Hypothermia
2. Nuclear Semenstorm
3. Chili Con Carnage
4. Total End?
5. Dawn of The Dead
6. Rectum Loosener
J. Lenets - Drums, Vocals
P. Kolkka - Guitars, Vocals
Cumman Wank - Vocals
Kurwa Doktor - Vocals
J. Lindén - Bass
Record Label: Nailjar Records


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