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Cannibal Accident - Nekrokluster

Cannibal Accident
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 March 2021, 7:22 AM

In the early years of the second wave of Death Metal (between 1989 and 1992), many bands explored the fast tempos and disgusting lyrics to shape subgenres of Death Metal. But a fusion wasn’t so usual: to mix Grindcore with lyrics about gore, serial killers and others. Only CARCASS and MACABRE did something similar to this on those days, but time passed and bands created more and more extreme ways to do so. But the Finnish quintet CANNIBAL ACCIDENT shows on “Nekrokluster” that they have something different to serve…

The band mixes the nasty and furious ways of Grindcore in a way similar to NAPALM DEATH during “Harmony Corruption” and “Utopia Banished” with some musical elements (and lyrics) in the way that CANNIBAL CORPSE and (old) CARCASS did. So it sounds brutal, nasty and full of energy (and in a personal way). So the jigsaw is on, and let the massacre begins…The production was done in a way that could allow the quintet to express their musical work in a brutal and aggressive way, with nasty and oppressive instrumental tunes. But of course that everything was done to be defined and understandable for the listeners, nothing as defiled as in the past.

The band prefers to use short songs (none of them lasts three minutes), and be prepared to be enforced with barbed wire with nasty shots as “Coprofeeling” (very good work on bass guitar and drums on the rhythms shifts), “Wonderwall of Death” (a the contrasts between the two vocalists’ tunes is very good), “Let This World Be Done”, “The Meanest Fish to Swim With”, “The Unholy See” (where some Hardcore and Crossover influences can be heard on the guitars), “Sexual Matador”, “Travelling Through Flesh” (this one shows another very good set of rhythmic contrasts), and “Maggot Nest”. But for the fans of the genre, all the songs will be able to set your killing instincts on, as it will cause extreme aches on the necks due the intense headbanging.

If you feel as if a truck has run over you after listening to “Nekroluster”, have in mind that it’s the real intention of CANNIBAL ACCIDENT. Oh, yes, it’s a truly good release!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Coprofeeling
2. Wonderwall of Death
3. Let This World Be Done
4. The Meanest Fish to Swim With
5. Totem Crucifix
6. Delete the Elite
7. The Unholy See
8. Mellanköttbullar
9. Sexual Matador
10. Corpse Positivity
11. Manipulative Violence
12. Travelling Through Flesh
13. Speedspring
14. Kindergarten Fritzl
15. Maggot Nest
16. Haista Vittu Ihminen
17. Head on a Stick (Kemper Trilogy part 2: The Obsession)
H. Raisio - Vocals
Kurwa Doktor - Vocals
P. Kolkka - Guitars
Joni Suodenjärvi - Bass
Aleksi Wilkman - Drums
Record Label: Time to Kill Records


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