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Cannibalistic Infancy - Dominant Inhumanity

Cannibalistic Infancy
Dominant Inhumanity
by Joe Reed at 12 September 2013, 12:18 PM

Being from Ohio, there is no chance that I won’t love some Brutal Death Metal. When you grow up in an area surrounded by EMBALMER, REGURGITATION, HEMDALE, and MORGUE (yes, MORGUE briefly lived in Cleveland for a short time in the early 2000s), you develop an affinity for all things extreme, particularly your Death Metal.

CANNIBALISTIC INFANCY formed in Moscow in 2008 and seemed to be interested in only one thing, preserving a brand of Death Metal that some outside of the genre’s inner circle may have forgotten about and ensuring that the genre’s name doesn’t become too stained with whatever these Deathcore bands are up to. What do you get when a band makes such a goal its focus? You get your New York slam style al’a INTERNAL BLEEDING and VOMIT REMNANTS that packs plenty of grooves without sounding overproduced or tuned in such a way as to disguise weakness.

“Asphyxia”, for example, takes me back to the glory days of Ohio Deathfest 2000 when groove-laden Death Metal actually retained its heaviness and didn’t cloud songs with unnecessary fillers or redundancies. “Dominant Inhumanity” is a sharp and quick blow to the face. Seven tracks are all you get on this record, but it’s all you need to get the point and be left begging for more. After you shake off the blows to the face from the heavy breaks and guttural vocals, you realize that there is still hope for this sub-genre yet. 

3 Star Rating

1. Urethral Decaying
2. Brain Penetration
3. Dominant Inhumanity
4. Asphyxia
5. Raped Man on Rails
6. Butchery Business
7. Dead Pornstars
8. Outro
Sergey Sergeevich - Drums
Yuri Lenonov - Guitar
Leonid Khodarev - Vocals
Pavel Semin - Bass
Record Label: Soulflesh Collector Records


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