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Cannon - Burning Love

Burning Love
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 01 October 2012, 4:06 PM

CANNON is another story of a band who could have made it big among the Heavy Metal bands in Germany back then in the late 80s. After a great debut album "Thunder And Lightning", which made quite a noise around them back in the day, the road downwards began due to a deal which finally was canceled in 1989 and later ended up with demo tapes for the next record being stolen. These major issues slowed down the band from its progress only to watch other bands in their local scene climb up the ladder. Later on the band found itself struggling with the leaving of their original singer and drummer, what led to look for proper band members who will fit in the right hole that was left, but with no luck. Only on 2003 the band re-united with the original members and started to work on their material. Since then the band released three albums and remastered their debut.

Now CANNON are back for the attack with a brand new album named "Burning Love" following a fresh sound and youthful spirit, loaded with groove and pure Heavy Metal. After listening to the album for several times, the first association that came up to my mind was the new ACCEPT albums with Mark Tornillo, yet only without the military tray marking of ACCEPT and much more melodic. "Guardians Of The Night" follows an intro, presents a speedy Heavy Metal tune armed with an anthem like chorus. Along with the fact that Mat Rein Jaehnke's voice didn't change much, it aided the song on reminding good old memories from their earlier works. The album has great songs which set the right atmosphere of strong traditional Heavy Metal, but there was this one song that caught my ears and I found myself falling in love with it. "Cold Morning",which is really a simple song, yet the guitar work made it more interesting with several complex efforts and provided it extra force with the strong beat of the drums. "Dreamer" is also a good tune, very melodic when it comes to the chorus with all the backup vocals. "A light In The Dark" has a bombastic opening, typical Heavy Metal but will surely stick to one's mind, it's a great song to close the album, very sinuous and on the right formula of CANNON.

I didn't know what to except from a CANNON album these days, sure they are back on the horse while serving a tasteful version of Traditional Metal, very tight without theatrics and with more with balls. It seems like they haven't changed their style but in a way got heavier and straight to the point. I liked the album and I am sure that each Heavy Metal fan with a passion for the 80s would appreciate this piece of work.

4 Star Rating

1. Guardian Pipes
2. Guardian Of The Night
3. Burning Love
4. Hold Me, Love Me
5. Heads Up With The Devil
6. Goodbye
7. Life
8. Cold Morning
9. Bachrock
10. Holy Devil
11. Dreamer
12. Run For Your Life
13. A Light In The Dark
14. One World
Mat Rein Jaehnke- Vocals
Steve Carrington- Bass/Keyboards/Back. Vocals
Oliver Krueger– All Guitars
Walter Mueller– Drums
Record Label: Meantime Music


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