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Capra – In Transmission Award winner

In Transmission
by Leanne Evans at 25 May 2021, 12:45 PM

The blistering brutality of American quartet CAPRA is here to tear you limb from limb in their savage eleven-track debut album “In Transmission”. CAPRA has been grinding within the metal scene for years, embarking on different projects for decades, prepping them for the glorious day that they’d all combine and form the one-of-a-kind outfit that is CAPRA. Melding their punishing talents of sonic savagery and hard-hitting energy, CAPRA is here to aurally annihilate. Hailing from Louisiana, there’s absolutely zilch southern charm with these riotous rip-roaring brutes, but there IS a wealth of musical talent that the State is so renowned for. CAPRA serve up their twisted take on a savage amalgamation of metal, punk and hardcore all in one wonderfully warped full-length for your deformed delight. Uncompromising and unyielding, these frenzied beasts deliver a scorching onslaught of aggressive riffs, vociferous lyrics and absolutely infectious cranial implosion in the demonic delight that is “In Transmission”.

Now, the musical mauling doesn’t quite kick off in “(Exordium)”, it’s deceptively disguised as a reasonably tame instrumental, clearly designed to lull you into a false sense of security and reel you in. The steady build-up of gentle guitar and washed sound create an atmospheric stance, until the explosive sonic attack kicks off and gets you square in the nuts in “Hollow Doll”, an unsparing succinct scathing track filled with all the impassioned aggression you could hope for, Crow’s distinctly pained vocals spewing venom, inhumanly fast drums ravishing and the guitar and bass subtly blended, yet still adding a seething layer to the track. The seamless transition from track-to-track works perfectly on “In Transmission”, “Hollow Doll” merging effortlessly into “The Locust Preacher”. Teasing steady drum beat and bass build-up is momentary as the track suddenly erupts with those nasssssty-ass vocals from Crow, utterly nailing spitting aggression, solid riffing ensues with apt chugs of tempo changes with filthy breakdowns. It’s the sort of track you want to lose shit to, especially with the thrash feeling twist towards the end.

Edge-of-the-seat anticipation is what CAPRA expertly deliver. I mean, you know that they intend to cause serious harm, but it’s a case of how. “Medusa” executes a wretched antagonizing affliction in full-frontal punk with Crow, the ever-fervent vocalist, spitting and splitting you in two with on-point lyrics like “Chained like a dog/Treated like shit/Fitted with muzzles/taking kick after kick”. Instrumentally, everything convulses and bursts in this piece, tackling wealth and the inherent wealth divide in a fantastically overt in-your-face way. The lyrical genius of this track is not to be missed, with lines such as “Disposable income/Disposable life/They flourish in luxury/We’re crippled by strife” and “So pigs become richer/And we remain flies”. Dammn, these guys are GOOD. This piece is one of the MANY highlights of “In Transmission”.

There’s no slow dissection in this LP, it’s all enraged frenzied chainsaw action that cuts through you as easily as a knife to a block of butter, especially felt in “Torture Ship”. Teeming with rage, both instrumentally and vocally, the track offers surging double-bass drumming, pulling back down to a steadier beat later in the track, with the bass offering a menacing aspect and catchy riffs packed with intensity. “Paper Tongues” continues to engorge you in CAPRA’s ferocity, with focus on a thrash attack from the get-go with a tempo twist that brings a steady groove, and a similar sonic structure is offered up in “Transfiguration”, although a subtle metalcore vibe pulls through, whilst still maintaining the hardcore punk roots. Slicing through you, “Red Guillotine” riiiiiips with heartfelt hostility and rage, centered on the oppression of female freedom, with lyrics like “The world has sided with the wolves/Because the lambs look too delicious,” utter bloody genius and gets you right in the guts; another deserved highlight on “In Transmission”. Rounding up the record, “Deadbeat Assailant” unleashes itself with a mix of tempo teases, delicious breakdowns and all those tasty lyrics that CAPRA has so exquisitely mastered throughout, making way for the piece de resistance “Samuraiah Carey” to complete “In Transmission”, utterly exploding in every which way.

Out of the eleven tracks, only one was a bit of a ‘miss’ for me, in the form of “Mutt” with the male backing vocals hindering the listening experience. CAPRA is set apart with being female fronted and having the focus on Crow’s rather unnerving projection works perfectly, so the male aspect felt almost detached and a little unnecessary. Incidentally, Crow’s vocals have a leaning towards a monotone effect, but, for me, this doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the album, and the somewhat cold tone only enhances the emotional projection conveyed in each track. Considering “In Transmisson” is CAPRA’s debut album, it’s a sterling effort, a veritable triumph and a current of pure passional electric energy courses through each track in what is an intensely blistering listen, appealing to those who like their metal edgy, rough-and-ready and raw. Bravo, CAPRA, nice work!!!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. (Exordium)
2. Hollow Doll
3. The Locust Preacher
4. Medusa
5. Torture Ship
6. Paper Tongues
7. Mutt
8. Transfiguration
9. Red Guillotine
10. Deadbeat Assailant
11. Samuraiah Carey
Crow Lotus - Vocals
Tyler Harper - Guitar
Jeremy Randazzo - Drums
Ben Paramore - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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