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Capricornus Tenebrarum - Et Demonivm At Aeternvm

Capricornus Tenebrarum
Et Demonivm At Aeternvm
by Te Hao Boon at 03 August 2015, 10:11 PM

When I first looked at the artist name and the album title, it seemed like I was looking at another FDA-approved food additive or flavoring. With the help of google translate, I now know the band’s name means “Capricorn Darkness”- Horned goat of darkness, AKA Satan. I can’t find a quality translation for the album title so I can only guess from the band name/ album art/ conventions of Black Metal that it should be something to do with the demon or something antichrist-related.

You know, sometimes when you are practicing a roll on your drums or a riff on your guitar, you will be playing the same damn thing over and over just to make sure you got it down in your muscle memory? Well that is what this band did in their track “Abjuration Of Holiness”. It was literally the same riff over and over for pretty much the whole song. While admittedly it was a fun and melodious riff, I wish the band could play around more and have some progression.

That problem was quickly eradicated in the next 2 tracks, and in fact, the problem never appeared again. The 2 tracks are really one long track so I shall discuss them as one. It begins as a rather upbeat song with a nice keyboard accompaniment to give this track some layers. It has easily my favorite melody in this track. The mastering is also great, the drums were crisp, the vocals had enough reverb and they panned the different guitars on each ear so you can hear the different countermelodies. The second movement began with an organ solo and it is a comparatively darker atmosphere and the sounds were tighter, giving the instruments less space to breathe. I absolutely love the church choir singing at the backgrounds throughout the second movement. With a track title like “A Sacrifice of Useless Souls”, I wonder if the souls are the choir themselves (though they are far from useless in my opinion).

I have the praise how splendid the drumming is in this album. There is the occasional blast beats but it is the tom rolls and hi-hat patterns that really dazzled me. They are really fun to listen to and they never outstay their welcome. The drummer understands how to play around with groove and it gives the album a bit of a Funk vibe from time to time, making it a much more accessible record to listen to.

I have to say however, I really didn’t appreciate the sudden change in tone in “A Prayer to the Devil” and “Slowly Passing By The Realms Of Sorrow…”, not only did they not match with the rest of the album, it sounded really bad. I would label these 2 tracks as my “toilet break” tracks.

I would have been a much bigger fan of this album if for not the two lackluster tracks mention above, it broke the tempo of this album too much and for far too long. If not, this is a rather enjoyable album. I shall just have those 2 tracks removed from my playlist.

3 Star Rating

1. Prophecies Of A Burning Heaven
2. Abjuration Of Holiness
3. Goat Kvlt Rite
4. A Sacrifice Of Useless Souls
5. Unholy Night Of Torment
6. A Prayer To The Devil
7. Slowly Passing By The Realms Of Sorrow…
8. Abyssmal Visions From Beyond
9. Decayed Paradise
Eros - Bass
Kroptugr Kyikindi - Drums
Kynisk - Guitars
Draugoth - Keyboards
Necro Tenebrarum - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Dead Center Records


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