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Capsize - The Angst In My Veins

The Angst In My Veins
by Shaun "The Music Junky" Schwanke at 07 October 2014, 5:55 PM

CAPSIZE…what could one say about this band?  With the release of “The Angst In My Veins,” all I can think of is BORING!

This band hailing from San Diego California is simply rehashing the same old hard-core schtick we have all heard a million times before.  There is absolutely nothing original here, and nothing special, or standout.  Hard-core music seems to be more about the scene than the music, and considering the popularity of these guys I would assume California has a thriving scene.  I just can’t find enough substance to any of the songs.  Nearly everything sounds the same.  All the clichés are here, the typical 4/4 style
Punk/Hardcore beats, olds-school breakdowns, shouted vocals, and samey guitar riffs that you have heard on every other Hard-core release out there.

The band labels themselves as Melodic Hard-core, which is curious since I am hard-pressed to find any melody in this release. There is the obnoxious overly distorted higher “noodling” that lets the strings noisily jangle about on the guitars…perhaps this is the melody they speak of.  On a high note the album is produced decently enough, everything can be heard distinctly for the most part, and it does have some weight to it.

Vocals have a slight John Tardy of Obituary flavour, though not as original or distinct.  Finally seven tracks deep at two minutes and thirty-four seconds into the song entitled “Complacent” we have a riff worth listening to, a riff that doesn’t sound oddly enough, complacent. This is the high-point of the album for me, and it is fleeting.  If they were to incorporate more of this into their music it may just make it tolerable enough to listen to more than once. Whilst trying to find some other positive notes amongst this train wreck of an album I can honestly say one can tell from the tightness of the band that these are capable musicians.

There are very brief moments throughout that showcase a slight technicality but that is simply overshadowed by the monotony of the genre and songs that have crafted perfectly to fit within this niche.  Due to absolute lack of originality and absolutely no variety within this release I give it a 3 out of 10.  It would have been a 2 out of 10 save for the good production, tightness of the band, and very rare, brief moments that were tolerable at best.

1 Star Rating

1. Linger
2. Pale
3. The Angst In My Veins
4. Calmin Crippling
5. Endless, Emptiness
6. Tension
7. Complacent
8. Numb
9. This Song Made Me Think Of You
10. Spent
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Record Label: Impericon Records


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