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Captain Crimson - Dancing Madly Backwards

Captain Crimson
Dancing Madly Backwards
by Mattia Ruta at 13 August 2012, 5:32 PM

Here we have a new band from Örebro, Sweden, with an album out: “Dancing Madly Backwards”. Just the album’s title interested me, what an appealing choice of words. As I started the first song, I immediately started traveling back to the good old days of rockin’ riffs and passages of classics that gets you going. The more I listen to CAPTAIN CRIMSON, the more I note how well the album name fits the music. Even as you travel back with their very familiar melodies, rhythms, and riffs to the 70s, you can hear their individuality.

Classic Rock for me is a great genre to put in the background as you do something like work or writing, the third time I listened to the album, I listened while doing something else—I catch myself paying attention only to the music, enjoying what they have to offer, even forgetting what I was doing. The music they put out is intriguing, they definitely have something to listen for, and something a tad outside the Classic Rock you usually think of. The main thing that stands out is the singing in this band. The singer has a timbre that is distinguishable, and has a rough sound that makes the music feel more tense and different.

CAPTAIN CRIMSON definitely has good things within, all the songs in the album have equally the same amount of talent, it’s all there in all the songs. I give this album a 7/10 because Classic Rock is a hard genre to excel at without fading into other, heavier genres. CAPTAIN CRIMSON has Classic Rock down really well, but doesn’t excel past it to really stand out on top. This is still a great album and I still will listen and ‘rock out’ to it in the future!

3 Star Rating

1. Dancing Madly Backwards
2. Lonely Devils Club
3. Mountain Of Sleep
4. River
5. Don't Take Me For A Fool
6. Autumn
7. Wizard's Bonnet
8. Silver Moon
9. True Color      
Andreas Eriksson- Guitar
Michel Läth- Drums
Anders Tallfors- Bass
Stefan Norén– Guitar / Vocals
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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