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Caravellus – Inter Mundos

Inter Mundos
by Phil Tyler at 22 August 2022, 5:42 AM

CARAVELLUS are a Progressive/Power Metal band from Brazil. After a 12 year hiatus, they have returned with their third album Inter Mundos and it is released on Rockshot Records. According to the press-release I was sent: "It's a concept about the love story of two characters, Aurora and Arteiro, located somewhere in the Northeast region of the country, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, where Fantasy and Reality mix around universal questions, such as conflicts class, corruption, religious intolerance, life and death." As Progressive Metal is one of my favourite genres, though I hadn’t heard of the band, I was certainly intrigued by the concept. As a concept album, it’s a sprawling affair and at nearly 75 minutes long, not an easy one to digest.

“Visagem” opens the album with acoustic guitar, what sounds like a cello and some chanting which certainly adds a cultural aspect. Part of the song sounds like folk and with Brazilian singing, it certainly is an atmospheric intro. “Knights Of The Sun” introduces Leandro’s vocals. There’s a definite influence of SYMPHONY X though Leandro’s vocals aren’t as strong as Russell Allen and he sometimes sounds strained and forced. There’s a nice melodic chorus and the song has the usual long instrumental passage before returning to the chorus. “Triumvirate” opens up with a heavy riff before a mellow verse introduces the pre-chorus and chorus which is decent. The song didn’t really grab me though and there seems almost too much instrumentation. Some spoken word introduces annoying widdly widdly guitar before developing at least into a better solo.

The following song “While I’m Still Here” is more restrained and works better in its simplicity to add atmosphere with its swell of female vocals introducing the song with acoustic guitar. The dual vocals work well and at less than three minutes, never outstays its welcome. “Memento Mori” opens with a chunky riff and keyboards. Brazilian vocals make a return but Leandro’s vocals do sound a bit strained. The keyboards dominate over the guitar riff later in the track and the song is OK though again didn’t really connect with me. There’s a dark and heavy imposing intro over some double-kick drums to “Incantation”. Leandro’s vocals sadly irritate with some high-pitched squeals that make me want to grit my teeth. There are some Power Metal riffs before some Brazilian rhythm and some kind of pipe then adds some jazzy rhythm. Keyboards later envelop the song but lack feel or any degree of emotional impact and the song ends up a bit of a confusing mess of ideas

80s keyboard sounds introduce one of the best riffs on the album to “Insurrection” though wasn’t a great fan of the vocals part way through the song. There’s some interesting instrumentation over a heavy riff which is joined by an excellent lead guitar which adds a lot of atmosphere. Brazilian spoken vocals towards the end are atmospheric and the song ends on the opening riff. A very good song musically which engaged my interest. The album ends on “Vynno D'agua” which is an instrumental in the same vein as “Visagem” On the positive the musicianship on Inter Mundos is good and the incorporation of Brazilian rhythms and instrumentation is well done and makes a difference to the sound. The problem really is that the songwriting isn’t great with often too much going on and Leandro’s vocals are irritating at times with the high-pitched squealing vocals a definite turn off. It’s interesting that CARAVELLUS have had a different vocalist for each of the three albums they’ve released so far so maybe they need to find a better vocalist to fit the music.

After listening to this album twice, there are only a handful of moments that were really memorable and not an album I would particularly listen to again.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1.  Visagem
2.  Knight of the Sun
3.  Panis et Circenses
4.  Triumvirate
5.  While I'm Still Here
6.  The Ambush
7.  Memento Mori
8.  Incantation
9.  Elegia
10. Insurrection
11. Inter Mundos
12. Ouroboros
13. So Near, So Far
14. Vynno D'agua
Leandro Caçoilo - Vocals
Daniel Felix - Keyboards
Glauber Oliveira - Guitars
Rafael Ferreira - Drums
Emerson Dácio - Bass
Record Label: Rockshot Records


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