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Carbide – Spiral Termination

Spiral Termination
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 21 October 2018, 5:04 PM

In 1994 the Thrash Metal band CARBIDE released “Spiral Termination”. The album which would be their last full length release, has a whopping 89% on Metal Archives. I for one can really appreciate this release and wish the band would get back together to write a new album. I feel they would be welcomed more in the Metal scene at this time. If you are a fan of BLIND GUARDIAN or ICED EARTH I really think you would appreciate this as much as I do.

The first song “Total Impact” represents Thrash wonderfully. From the ripping Guitar riffs to the Bass and Drums this song is on point. The vocals are exquisite and are more Power Metal than Thrash but they are perfect. Neeko, Mark and J.D. had a wonderful things going on here. The second song on the album is “Warlords of the City” which is a great representation of old school Thrash. “Roll the Dice” is one of my favorite songs on the album. I absolutely love the vocals on this one.

Up next we have “Live by the Sword” which screams Power Metal to me. The only thing missing for it to be Symphonic Power Metal is a Keyboard with some crazy orchestra synth coming out of it. It is another one of my favorites hands down. The seventh song on the album “Life on a Line” really stood out to me with its heavy galloping riffs and solos as well as the awesome air raid vocals.

The song “Time Rider” is an epic instrumental and is as perfectly written as they come and its a wonderful addition to the album. I really appreciate that they added this one since it shows off the bands skill set. Another great song is “Dog Fight” its one of the heavier songs on “Spiral Termination”. I definitely listened to this one several times in one sitting. But hands down my favorite song has to be “Second Coming”. It’s a great headbanger that I was thrilled to hear. All in all the whole album is really good and like I said I would love to have the band get back together to release a new one. I feel they would be even more epic than they already are.


3 Star Rating

1. Total Impact
2. Warlords of the City
3. Roll the Dice
4. Live by the Sword
5. Headless Horseman
6. Execution of the Brain
7. Life on a Line
8. Lost Land
9. Nightmares
10. Time Rider
11. Dogfight
12. Nobody Cares
13. Second Coming
14. Last Ride
Neeko – Drums/Vocals
Mark Gastmeier – Bass
J.D. Vondoring – Guitars/Vocals
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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