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Carbomb - Demo (CD)

by Amy La Salla at 09 March 2005, 12:14 PM

Carbomb is a New York Metal band that focuses on mechanical noises, using almost mathematical time and chord changes to the point where they remind me very much of Swedish Metal band Meshuggah.
The singer has a thrashy scream that sounds like a ghost caught in a computer vent but he does occasionally unveil his clean voice. The lyrics are by far their best asset: very well done, they range from angry to frightening fever dreams.  
Song by song breakdown:
Rid is not a song really, but more like an introduction. It's far too frantic and doesn't have a melody as such. The lyrics are a well written take on suicide.
His Eyes made me let out a long sigh of relief as the band brings in a healthy dose of dynamics with the Metal brutality. The guitar-work never quite breaks out from a shivering noise and can't build an extended melody but parts of this song are inspired.  Again, the lyrics are excellent and paint a vivid picture of child abuse.
Solid Grey is easily the best song on this disc. Carbomb establishes a good catchy melody and hooks it on next to its rage. The frenetic guitar-work never lingers too long and the screaming is replaced occasionally by a much more listenable singing voice.  
Overall, I'd say that Carbomb is exclusively for fans of the Meshuggah school of Metal. Personally, I find this disc to be too harsh and the music too erratic and lurching for my tastes.

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His Eyes
Solid Grey
Michael Dafferner - Vocals
Elliot Hoffman - Drums
Greg Kubacki - Guitars
Jon Modell - Bass


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