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Carnac - The Frail Sight

The Frail Sight
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 March 2016, 8:00 PM

Well, a few years ago, I was introduced to some bands from Turkey.

Yes, I know that it's really strange that a country with a strong influence from Islamic culture from the past (besides the country is a secular state), but it's truly interesting to see Metal bands coming from the country. And as in many countries with a not so old tradition in Metal, the bands that I know are really different from those on the same style from other parts of the world. And once more, a band really defies my senses: CARNAC, from Ankara, is one of them, as their first EP "The Frail Sight" shows clearly.

To label them simply as Progressive Death Metal is not just with their work. No, their personality is truly strong, and their music is brutal and nasty as those bands from earlier Death Metal wave at the beginning of the 90s, but the technical aspect is here as well. But I must state that their technique is not as refined as some names we already know, but this is a positive feature of their work: they are more aggressive than widely known bands from the style, but with a technique that can hypnotize us all, and even some touches of Black Metal can be heard clearly.

The sound quality of their EP is really nasty. Not to the point that we couldn't understand what they are playing. The clearness is good, but the instrumental tunes could be a bit better, especially on the guitars and drums. But it's not as bad as many can think.

Their efforts resulted on a good form of music that has a strong personality pulsing under their songs made with very good harsh vocals, fine guitars and strong and technical rhythmic session.

"Hericide" is intense and harsh, with very good rhythmic session, with tempos changes that are really fine. What we hear on "Menhirs of Enmity" is something astonishing, because even with harsh conditions, they created a wonderful song, filled with very good guitars and great vocals, and once more, with very hooking rhythmic changes. "Debaser" seems to be a more harsh song, but soon the band imposes a very good technical work, especially on vocals. And "Servant to the Void" closes the album with a darker and somber atmosphere permeating their aggressive work, showing very good bass and drums work once more.

For a first coming, "The Frail Sight" is really good, but I truly expect more of them in the future. They have a great potential, and I really believe on them.

Oh, by the way: you can download this EP for free on their Bandcamp profile, so go there, download it and have lots of fun!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Hericide
2. Menhirs of Enmity
3. Debaser
4. Servant to the Void
Burak Yenitepe - Vocals
Nurhacı Çeri - Guitars
Ozan Turakine - Guitars
Ünal Akünal - Bass
Baybora Topaloğlu - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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