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Carnal Abhorrence - The Crowned Apocalypse Award winner

Carnal Abhorrence
The Crowned Apocalypse
by BeelzeBarbie at 18 January 2021, 2:16 PM

CARNAL ABHORRENCE began during year 2017 in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, USA with their first release, that of a single, entitled “Omniscient Objection”. Year 2019 saw their first full LP release of Gormandizing Rapture and November 28 of 2020 year 2010 saw the sophomore full release entitled “THE CROWNED APOCALYPSE” - and subject of this review.

“THE CROWNED APOCALYPSE” - The first album track opens with a short ascending guitar lick with a sound reminiscent of REPUGNANT’S “Hecatomb” - with that sonorous treble edge of a chain saw ripping through an armoured tank. Drums enter through a rolling deluge of notes. An extensive rhythmic diversity of not only beats but pulsating drives, accents and feel will pound the arms and thrash the iron of any metal-head with alternate patterns simultaneously.

“This Sinister Fuel” - The second album track: the rhythmic complexity among alternating patterns of beat; converse in musical counterpoint against the rhythm guitar. This reviewer envisions a musical conversation amongst the burning deities at the Royal Table of Hell. Of this conversation - here is a snippet of the lyrical content  “Seeking the ones who have disobeyed my atonement / Found in the seeping boils of molten obscurement / Puritanical appetite for genocidal onslaught / Shall only be fed by the holy scents of virgin harlots.”  “Encased In Disgrace” - The third album track - perhaps more technically complex than the former track. The guitar solo of guest artist Lucas Mann is a hybrid of speedy accents and innovative pitch bends–grounded in the broken bedrock of malignant dissent.

“The Unholy Infinity” (featuring guest artist MISSTIQ) - the fourth album track; at times slower with rolling melodies - of softer eloquence - for here we have gentler touches of MISSTIQ; thus far, this is the most melodic song of the release. “I will carry on the mission of unholy transmission / Curtailing life with the blood of the strife / All will fall, all will fail, standing tall I will prevail / Stomping out the flames of the trinity / Prepare for the unholy infinity”.  One envisions these melodies to equate with rolling yellow flames of MISSTIQ’s blond hair.

“The Butchers Shibboleth” - the fifth album track - we hear and feel “grind”. I envision gears:  drums beats support and propel the higher rhythm guitars (still on the low strings”; so in this case a larger gear more slowly propelling that of a smaller gear of speedier revolutions. A ‘Shibboleth’ defined in Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary (a year 2003 publication of Barnes and Noble Publishing, Inc.) is “a particularity of pronunciation, behavior, mode of dress etc, that distinguishes a particular class or set of peoples.” Sadly, this reviewer cannot imagine a period during which the word “revolutions” seem more relevant and prevalent.

“Ordained Octane” - the sixth album track opens with riffs traded between the drums & the guitars. The accentuated groove between the drums & rhythm guitars vary between speedy and slow and deliberate punches - at times even reminiscent of a derailing train beginning a hellish descent - and as the havoc unfolds in perfect rhythmic contrapuntal symmetry. This is a piece designed for headbanging & mosh–a n; yet it still flourishes with rhythmic diversity.

“Cycles Of Cybernetic De-Evolution” - the seventh album track:  the distorted rhythm guitar melodies (lower frets of the strings) sustain a greater relevance in this track. Prevalent themes throughout this release of CARNAL ABHORRENCE are “Siphoning all knowledge of man through the past / Drinking and gorging on liquid intelligence in vats / Throttling the cycles of cybernetic de-evolution / The power surge of life, trips the breaker … Crushing transmissions from pillars of wires / Morphing brain waves to concave sanity / Expunging morality and liberty / We no longer heed to any holy deed.”

“Unholy Mainframe Of Disdain” - the eighth album track is another slower more humane song - but ultimately describes the inhumanity of today. The rhythm guitar, juxtaposing a melodic descent into the rhythmic beat reminds the listener of our current fatalistic hellbound path. Is “THE MAINFRAME OF DISDAIN” the mainframe to imply the work of a Government?

“Sycophant Of The Throne” - the ninth album track - generally faster, progresses with a locomotive groove. The lyrical theme “Sulking in my throne / overseeing my bloodstone / This is my world it is my creation / Unanimated beings existing with no expressions / Their purpose is to die, and never live life // My sycophant, right hand man / Making sure everything goes to plan … Close your eyes, and follow me, fall to your doom / Suffer for all time, happiness will never bloom / You are being groomed in the womb of gloom / As you zoom straight down into an empty tomb”.

“Necrotonic Re-Birth” - the tenth album track has a uniquely melodic rhythm guitar riff. Accentuated with lengthy rests yet punchy burts of percussive pounding. I’m enjoying the rhythmic & melodic counterpoint that rolls along the flowing, legato  metrics of this song.

CARNAL ABHORRENCE is a unique blend of black metal & death metal stylishly concurrent with the antagony of the present plague. As rhythmically complex as they sometimes seem, yet with an undertone of thrash–more felt than heard, one can still pound forearm and fist then mosh in a pit to these rhythms–where I hope to slam dance to these tunes. Will you slam dance with me too? I’m not begging but beckoning with a crooked smile. For heavier metal-heads who hate to love, you won’t hate yourself for loving this, of mine, I humbly offer unto.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Crowned Apocalypse
2. This Sinister Fuel
3. Encased In Disgrace (feat. Lucas Mann of Rings Of Saturn)
4. The Unholy Infinity (feat. Misstiq)
5. The Butchers Shibboleth
6. Ordained Octane
7. Cycles Of Cybernetic De-Evolution
8. Unholy Mainframe Of Disdain
9. Sycophant Of The Throne
10. Necrotonic Re-Birth
Lord Orexium - a/k/a Nick Loria - Vocals & Lyrics
Vlad Carnage - a/k/a AJ Lucas - Guitars & Drum Programming
Record Label: Reality Fade Records


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