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Carnal Redemption - Utter Depression Award winner

Carnal Redemption
Utter Depression
by Lateishah Schultz at 25 June 2014, 1:03 PM

CARNAL REDEMPTION was formed in Greece in 2000. They released a demo entitled “The Limits of Persistence” in 2001. Due to obligatory military service the band was separated for almost three years and they became fully active again in 2005. The old school Death Metal band released a two-track promo in 2011 and did several live shows with popular local bands.  “Utter Depression” is CARNAL REDEMPTION’s very first official full-length album in eight years.

The group combines all necessary elements such as technicality and speed. “The Miserable Antihero” starts off the album with aggression and it’s extremely technical. It shows off their personal style in every note. The vocals are distinct and have great pronunciation. The lyrics expose contents of inner struggle and manipulation. The songs give each member space and time to show off talent. Everything in this album is loud and clear, especially the guitar riffs which are brutal. There is no modern approach to any elements of the album at all. It’s hard to think that this is actually a self-released album. The production is very impressive and top notch. The release makes you want to headbang and also gives you dark feelings – but nothing too dark. I love how the vocals are easy to comprehend; even an elderly woman could understand the gloomy lyrics. After listening through the album a few times, I still want to hear more!

4 Star Rating

1. The Miserable Anti Hero
2. The Wound That Never Heals
3. Dead Tired
4. Genocidal Blindness
5. Utter Depression
6. Poisoned
7. Armed With Prejudice
8. Self Stabbing Frenzy
9. Social Antidote
10. Victim Of The Cyberworld
Nondas – Drums
Jim – Guitar
Nick – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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