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Carnal Savagery – Grotesque Macabre

Carnal Savagery
Grotesque Macabre
by Quinten Serna at 15 July 2020, 11:34 AM

To build upon the savagery of the greatest elements of human depravity is itself a difficult task—as those who have endeavored in such inquiries can attest to such both in conceptualization and applications—and yet Death Metal is an unrelenting, and unforgiving, genre which is itself composed of artists and denizens who strive for the challenge; there among some of the lesser known acts stands, CARNAL SAVAGERY, bearing their tone and aptitude in great pride. “Grotesque Macabre,” ebbs its way into the visceral imagery of death and despair as both the flagship and debut for the band; of a construction vicious, visceral, and vicarious the sound treads lesser-inhabited waters as the focus falls between a juxtaposition of fast and slow.

As every work of grand substance should start the album begins with a track entitled, “Devoured By Maggots,” whereupon its opening the knell of a church bell can be heard ringing through the track and straight into the listener’s psyche; drums and guitars fill the ominous space where depravity had been allowed its stranglehold. Within the confines of, “Parasites,” we hear, in explication, greater examples the dynamics of the band where the overlaid guitars interact with one another to a more substantial degree as the rest of the instruments provide polyphonic rhythms, and we are given these shifts in speed and attack further illustrating the intensity of the music.

Carnivore,” is of a substance more aggressive in nature—the song commences with this biting and jarring riff played as the other instruments lie stilled in wait; when the song is whole from all fronts we, the listener, receive this apprehensive sensation, that the band may jump off the deep end at any point and we would adjoin that plummet. “Eaten By The Rotten Dead,” has this sort of dilapidated start-stop progression to it, an unhinged and unsettling ascension which captivates and wrests attention. “Eyes Of The Rotten Dead,” returns to those slow throes interspersed with a jarring guitar riff during the break, and ends the whole of the album on a fade out from the band accompanied by those same church bells that opened up the album.

The complexion of the instruments is something beguiling and maddening all within the same run. The guitars are crunchy and draw out into long strides of reaching chords and cynical progressions. The bass is wholesome, loud, and draws focus onto the center of the song, providing both foundation and an eldritch sensation of unity. The drums are well balanced and biting just as every other instrument in the collective soundscape. The vocals are brutal, honest, and form fitted to lie in the same space as the instruments, uninhibited by the norms of harmony. Many of the songs remind me to a lesser degree of tracks from DEATH’s “The Sound Of Perseverance.”

The album is this intoxicating and ever invoking amalgamation of identities that form into the band, CARNAL SAVAGERY. The slow-burn type of approach makes the music stands out from the rest of its ilk which leaves us to listen in scathed curiosity. The album is a great addition to anyone with any interest in Death Metal and serves as a great flagship for the band.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Devoured By Maggots
2. Parasites
3. Left To Rot
4. Blood Ritual
5. Parasitic Decay
6. Carnivore
7. Deceased Rotten Flesh
8. Murderous Rage
9. Eaten By The Dead
10. Eyes Of The Rotten Dead
Mikael Lindgren – Bass and Drums
Henrik Jansson – Guitars
Patrik Eriksson – Guitars
Mattias Lilja – Vocals
Record Label: Chaos Records


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