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Carnation - Cemetery of the Insane

Cemetery of the Insane
by Jack Webb at 05 March 2015, 11:26 AM

Death Metal is an almost primal thing. It is supposed to tap into that repressed, disturbing and isolated part of our mind. Make us crack a maniacal smile as we gaze into the beautiful darkness it creates. Many bands can create a Death Metal album, but very few can make your pupils dilate and your heart rate increase twofold. Hailing from the recent Metal hotspot of Belgium. CARNATION wish to offer up a slice of Death Metal on their debut EP “Cemetery of the Insane”. With a band name taken from a mass murder, and album art work that looks like high fantasy had a fetish dream, it is clear what we are in for.

Opener “Explosive Cadavers” grasps you with the grip of an enraged serial killer, and beats you senseless whilst drawing you into their world. Gravelly voiced frontman Simon Duson sounds like a man possessed as he creates these morbid landscapes. It is the title track however that stands head and shoulders above the rest here. Jumping from blast-beats to breakdowns to an eerie solo, it truly is a schizophrenic masterpiece. It is common knowledge that the mastering and overall mixing of an album can make or break it. Whilst we have moments here that reminisce of brutalist recording techniques popular in times gone by, it is modern enough to not sound dated. It is equally listenable for newcomers to the world of Death Metal and connoisseurs of the genre.

There are nods to other genres and inspirations at play here. The twin harmonized guitar work on “Rituals Of Flesh” and the tremolo picking that follow it are two prime examples of this. However it never detracts from the overall feel of the tracks, it is a welcome flavour that will set CARNATION apart from more run of the mill bands.

4 Star Rating

1.  Explosive Cadavers
2. Cemetery Of The Insane
3. Rituals Of Flesh
4. Delusions Of Power
5. The Great Deceiver
Simon Duson - Vocals
Jonathan Verstrepen - Guitar
Bert Vervoort - Guitar
Yarne Heylen - Bass
Morbid - Drums
Record Label: Final Gate Records


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