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Carnifex - Hell Chose Me

Hell Chose Me
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 April 2010, 8:04 PM

Only a few days ago I was talking about CARNIFEX with a friend of mine, and their new album just fell right into my hands out of the blue! I was really waiting to listen to this one, since this new brutal trend has started becoming a bit boring, but CARNIFEX is one of the bands that know how to remain pretty kickass no matter what…

The US Deathcore act returns two years after its 2008 “The Diseased And The Poisoned” album, with a brand new release through Victory Records. Their sound can be described as modern Death Metal or what people prefer to call Deathcore. Yeah, I forgot, whatever has at least one beatdown part in it can’t be Death Metal. Anyway, the band starts really determined to prove its worth since from the very first track of this album, you will come across their tight song writing, bestial vocalist and a brutal as fuck music that combines mid tempo and beatdown parts, as well as faster than the speed of light breakouts!

I guess that if someone is looking for a slightly more melodic version of SUICIDE SILENCE, CARNIFEX is exactly what he is looking for! What actually makes these guys differ is that they have managed to gather their influences, “absorb” them, and create a personal sound. Their Deathcore breaks are interrupted by melodic Death Metal leads, while the BLACK DAHLIA MURDER influences are more than visible. The acoustic parts also add an extra interest for the listener.

CARNIFEX managed to release a more than decent album once again, and they are surely one of the few bands that will make it big when this trend ends. I guess that people who are into melodic Death Metal/Deathcore will surely find many parts that will make them bring down their house.

3 Star Rating

  1. Hell Chose Me
  2. Dead Archetype
  3. Entombed Monarch
  4. Names Mean Nothing
  5. Heartless
  6. Sorrowspell
  7. The Scope Of Obsession
  8. By Darkness Enslaved
  9. The Liar’s Funeral
  10. Genocide Initiative
Scott Lewis - Vocals
Cory Arford - Guitar
Ryan Gudmunds - Guitar
Fred Calderon - Bass
Shawn Cameron - Drums
Record Label: Victory Records


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