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Carnival in Coal - Carnival in Coal (CD)

Carnival in Coal
Carnival in Coal
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 23 July 2001, 12:21 PM

I don't know what this shit is. The guys of Carnival in Coal try to have fun and play music. Oh, well that's damn straight. What my problem is? They say that they play a mix between Mr. Bungle ( who is he?) and Morbid Angel.

Yeah you know Morbid Angel but who the hell Mr. Bungle is? Anyway these guys are funny. They play like a death metal band but from times to times they tend to play like Mr. Bungle?? I can't explain the music of Mr. Bungle so if you know it and you also like Morbid Angel get this CD..

You get song titles like 'Yes! We have no bananas', 'Don't be happy, worry' and stuff. As far as I can understand these guys don't aim high. We have so many new and great releases nowadays. What these guys are trying to do? They also make of fun of Cradle of Filth , Gothic and stuff. Oh, well they might it do it serious but hell I can't understand it.

When they play death/Black metal they are very good but then again they change their song and it sounds like like Pop( or something) or they add silly keys and stuff and there I lose it. With so many new releases out you can't spend money for nothing ( only if you have a lot). Yeah it's fun but I got it for free. I don't know what to say. I only got the CD and I have no further info so I can say if someone famous is in this band.

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Yes We Have Bananas
Exit Upon Void
Don't be Happy Worry
Gang Bang
Ring RR
Coming To
Back We I've Always Been
Art Not
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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