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Carrion Mother - Nothing Remains Award winner

Carrion Mother
Nothing Remains
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 31 January 2019, 2:00 AM

Germans CARRION MOTHER are a discovery for me.At first i thought they were sludge metal and i was totally wrong."Nothing Remains" offers four tracks but don't get fooled, we have more than fifty minutes of music and anger fueled desolation. The artwork is very interesting. It's black and white, the logo is represented in a black sun imaging what the albums is all about.The antithesis of light as EVOKEN would say.

It evolves in a dark yet energetic ambiance. The first track "Into Death" reminds me of some MY DYING BRIDE, especially the guitars with the mix of two guitars. But it's more than that. Its more bleak,more depressive, slower too. As the vocals reaches me, now I know this is metal oriented. Despair is displayed explicitly. There is some variations in tempo. This is excellent funeral doom. The way mister Aris S. sings adds pretty much in the intensity and providing a wide variety of emotions. This track reminds me of TIAMAT's earlier stuff in some way, the "Clouds" album especially the Johan Edlund singing technique.Very sincere singing.

The second track, "Schwarzschild", is the track the band selected as the track chosen as a preview for the forthcoming album. This song is amazing, the riffs and guitars interactions are reminiscent of the mighty NEUROSIS, mixed up with some anthemic melodies. It's the chaotic representation of the end of the world. This is showing no mercy, slowly poisoning the mind and pushing us slowly into the abysses of self implosion. The clean guitars drives us with melodies on this malestrom of powerful cataclysmic waves of sonic devastation. Around minute seven there is a slight deviation into some glimpse of light as the chords lurks into more edgy sounding. It is repetitive acting like a mantra on our mind. Think of GODFLESH…this is excellent. For the last two minutes the sound is more raw and saturated, speed is cranked up a little this we reach the end in a whirlwind of vocals reverberations.

"The Turning Goodbye" is the longest one on this foursome. It features distorted bass, dirty sounding guitars even the drums sounds a little raw and sharp…eighteen minutes of delightful doom. At minute seven it changes a little, with the drumming is a little static but melodic guitars reminds me of some SOLITUDE AETERNUS for it's kind of oriental feel. The production makes this song huge, very huge, with ambience, vastitude, and deep horizons. It's a journey into bleakness and his multiple possibilities. I'd really like to see them live play. This is already so imposing and mighty.

"All is Lost" is the last track and acts as a great closer. This is when all questions are being answered, or last chance to see the end of the tunnel. There is an anticipation as the song advances in time…an urge to reach something. Surely the need to absolve misery and suffering at last. The vocals are different as it shows more extraversion and purpose. In the last minutes there is an ascension to higher levels. The mood is really similar to EVOKEN. There is no pity here, no forgiveness, we already know the ending,we march slowly to our end and we fucking like it. This is definitely a must-have for all doom fans. I really mean it.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Into Death
2. Schwarzschild
3. The Turning Goodbye
4. All is Lost 
Julius K. - Guitars
Raffael D. - Guitars
Aris S. - Vocals
Joachim Wolf - Drums
Fabian E. - Bass
Record Label: Ordo MCM


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Edited 22 November 2019

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