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Catabolic - Besiege the Uncivil

Besiege the Uncivil
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 August 2022, 5:36 AM

Today, every Metal genre fragmented into different new subgenres, and it’s not a problem, but the feature that’ll trigger changes in a near future. But of course there are those bands that prefer to keep things as classic as they can, in the way we can call Old School Metal. But even trying to be classic in some ways, the Finnish quartet CATABOLIC is up to something, as can be heard on the band’s first album, “Besiege the Uncivil."

They’re a Death Metal band with clear influences of what was laid as model for the genre during the coming of the Second Wave of Death Metal (circa 1989-1993) by USA, UK and Swedish Death Metal pioneers. But paying attention without being in a hurry, the fans will have the clear idea that they’re building something different (pay attention to some nasty and subjective bitter melodies used on “Into Eternity Gleam”, or the technical hooking work shown on moments of “Arrival”). Yes, they’re trying to create something that belongs to them, and they surely are able to do so in the future; for now, they’re really a remarkable new name. Although the band used some classic instrumental tunes (in terms of Death Metal, of course), Damian Herring did a good work on the mixing and mastering, setting things as they needed, but defining the musical instruments in a form that can be easily understood.

The quartet still seems to be ‘nailed’ to musical models, the need to be counted as a Death Metal act with a classic outfit, what can be (it’s a possibility, not a clear fact) holding them back. But for now, the musical offering done on “Clenched” (a catchy classic Death Metal song with some technical parts, and very good sets of rhythms created by bass guitar and drums), “Into Eternity Gleam” (paying attention to their technical work and subjective melodies expressed by the guitars, even with moments with clean introspective outfit, we can see that they’re potentially a menace to the throne’s keepers of the genre), “The Onager” (an intense song filled with an amazing energy, and with very good grunts of the vocals), “Transhumanist” (another song where some different elements can be heard, as some Southern Groove of Stoner Metal can be felt on its beginning, and what lovely instrumental work, especially of guitars and bass guitar), “Beacon for Journeys Through Void (Illuminated Pt.2)” is enough to check their potential to become great.

Pay attention to CATABOLIC’s name, because their future seems great. But for now, to taste “Besiege the Uncivil” is really a very good experience for Death Metal addicted fans.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Clenched
2. Into Eternity Gleam
3. Arrival
4. The Onager
5. Genetic Evil Indoctrination
6. Transhumanist
7. Beacon for Journeys Through Void (Illuminated Pt.2)
8. IIAIV - All in Vain
Il Mostro - Vocals
Lenn Root - Guitars
Alathfar - Bass
Toivonen - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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