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Catalepsy - Bleed

by Nikos Makropoulos at 13 June 2011, 3:50 PM

“We are the light in the dark’’

From the beginning of ‘’Faithless’’ the first track of the new album of Catalepsy, you are dealing with the new blood or more likely with the new wave of death core scene, following the path that many bands like, Bury  your dead, Carnifex and other have already crossed.
Catalepsy was formed in the in 2006 in Orlando Florida, and have already released an Ep (Godless 2007) and a full length album (Iniquity 2008) on the independent label Stillborn records. During   the past 3 years they were touring through the US with huge hardcore and death core acts like Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Emmure, Oceano and also with the sludge/grind core legends Soilent Green.

"Bleed" is their second full length album, more mature but not a pound lighter than Iniquity their previous release. Slithering and sick down-tuned chords mixed with pounding core attitude and sludge oriented slow and massive break downs, identical for merciless moshing and pit fighting!

Personally I choose "Faithless", "Bleed", "Monolith" as my favorite ones and "Goliath" where Mat Bruso (ex-Bury Your Dead), is leading on the vox, making the song more brutal and hardcore in attitude. Some electronic samples and pitch-sifted vocals throughout the songs contributing for a more chaotic and claustrophobic feeling and the sound in its whole entity is really heavy and down-tuned, with high triggered drums (which I don’t like so much) and really sludgy bass lines, features that all you can find in all death-core bands these days.

Catalepsy are not the most innovative death-core band, and in my opinion they have nothing more to give in this overgrowing scene which is getting bigger day by day, but at least they got skills, really tight and well-worked songs and most of all they really like what they’re doing and being loyal to it. Nice!!!
I suggest you to give them a chance if you wanna hear some really kick-ass tracks and you will enjoy it like I did. The choice is yours….’’this is the cleansing’’.

3 Star Rating

1. Faithless
2. Monolith
3. Goliath
4. Chthonian
5. Bleed
6. Infernal
7. Statistic
8. Consumed
9. Medusa
10. Vexation
Rick Norman - Vocals
 Rob Walden - Guitars
 Matt Sutton - Guitars
 Sean Murphy - Bass
 Ben Sutton - Drums      
Record Label: Massacre Records


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