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Catalysis - Innova

by Andrew Harvey at 17 September 2022, 4:42 AM

A five-piece band from the city of Dundee in Scotland who specialise in the metalcore and/or groove metal sub-genres. This metalcore band is led by COLIN MACGREGOR on vocals and DREW COCHRANE also on vocals but plays lead guitar also. On rhythm guitar is SEAN RAMSON; on bass guitar is PABLO EDWARDS and on drums is CALUM RENNIE. Guitarists DREW COCHRANE and SEAN RAMSON both come from being ex-members of EXCELLENT CADAVER whereas COLIN MACGREGOR is an ex-member of DIRTY JUDAS and DISSOLVED. This metal quintet released a demo in 2017; CODEINE but then they came to bring us their EP titled INTO THE KNOWN in the same year. The following year of 2018 was marked by their EP CATALYSIS and then two years later in 2020 was their debut album CONNECTION LOST.

Another EP was dropped in the 2021 RELICTA EP but now another EP comes to the fore, INNOVA featuring five new tracks. Mellow and depressing guitar gives the intro track “Before The Fall” a note to stick with, even the tempo and dynamics as both build through a crescendo. Drums in control as is guitar tweaking with vibrato before vocals enter the forbidden circle of faster rhythms. Even the metallic ringing of cymbals and washy strikes as drums provide clarity. Vocals stun the listener as the evil, occult and satanic tone shouting loud and clear. All band unison then led us into the next track “Shadow Parasite”. This second track with steady guitar riffs that implode as drums set the pace with bouncing patterns. Guitar and vocals go around these patterns with thought provoking movements eating their way through the audio spectrum. Drums literally do stamp with authority as vocals do project and they do become a little distorted.

Creativity and improvisation perhaps sum drums up as to their objective or means whereas guitar is furious but plays lower range notes. Crashing cymbal hits gives us the pathway into the next track. “Arise, Alive” where drums or guitar take command of this track as vocals bark in an aggressive approach. Guitar is stirring the pot of hot, molten metalcore based guitar riffs. Vocal doubles up as a secondary vocal line kicks in too. Guitar and drums go on an adventure together in perfect harmony as guitar becomes symbolic. Vocals release prolonged cries of anguish and drums almost replicate this vocal line as tone is concerned. “Echo Chamber” has guitar strums with drums clashing horns with two guitar lines but bass is also coming into play. Vocals and drums on the attack as they take advantage teaming up with guitar in a three way part as tempo is key to how this track rides on a almighty metalcore path to righteousness.

Guitar is certainly the main body of this track and drives the continuity onwards into much greater ascendancy. Electric guitar fires and spits out quick bits of tremolo as vocals are booming, as we head into the last track of this EP. “Death Grip” with lower toned guitars as the drums resemble this deathly tone as vocals are of course in charge of the lead narrative. Drums do follow the same sort of tempo and time structure of vocals as they go hand in hand through this five minute track with no hesitation. Guitar exposes its darker and feisty side as we slowly approach the very end of this EP, Cymbals crashing and giving the track one last hurrah. Guitar play out the ending outro as drums do too, as the volume begins to diminish into almost nothing. This EP has a lot of great contributing factors, as electric guitar and drums triumph in succeeding their mission in attracting their listeners to this compilation of metalcore and groove metal, so go on and give these guys a chance, it will be worth it I promise.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Before The Fall
2. Shadow Parasite
3. Arise, Alive
4. Eco Chamber
5. Death Grip
Colin MacGregor - Vocals
Drew Cochrane - Guitars (Lead), Vocals
Sean Ramson - Guitars (Rhythm), Vocals
Pablo Edwards - Bass Guitar
Calum Rennie - Drums
Record Label: Indepedent


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