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Cataract - Kingdom (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 19 June 2006, 7:06 PM

There are many times that words just can't describe feelings. The feelings seem so much and so strong, and the words are nothing but weak and few. Cataract are band that spread their own feelings through their music. Hate, disappointment, anger, vanity, denial, lust for life…

Cataract are one of the few bands that come from Switzerland. Their country produces very few bands, but they surely aren't kidding when it comes to music. Another example that may enlighten you are the great Celtic Frost. I think that Switzerland has something important to say about Metal acts. Anyway, they were formed in mid 1998, evolving from a project band into one of today's premiere acts (in my humble opinion). Their only line up change was in 2001 when vocalist Mosh was replaced by Fedi. So far, they have released various demos, 7, MCD's and three full length CD's. Kingdom is their fourth full-length release, and their second for Metal Blade.

What can I say about this gem that I'm holding in my hands? I really can't come up with anything to say. We're talking about a complete work from a band that has balls (I use the work complete with the pure definition). Imagine a long road and the band trying to reach the end. With every single work they release they get closer to it. They never stop evolving and most important, maturing.

First of all, I would like to say some things about the production. It has been done by Tue Madsen, a person whose credits include some of the best Metal acts. Strong production with no weak points or fucked up sound. The vocals, the guitars, the drums and the bass seem tight and strong. Great work has been done on the rhythm section where the sound is fucking heavy as hell.

So, I must admit that Kingdom didn't let me take a breath. From the first note, your brains are blown to the wall! No mercy! We're talking about total chaos here! The songs are all great and I really can't say one or two best tracks in the record! Cataract have really impressed me this time! I was always listening to their works up to now and I am a fan, but this time they didn't just meet my expectations. They produced a top quality musical treasure! As I've already said, there are no words to describe Kingdom.

You may call Cataract a Hardcore act, a Metalcore act, but who the fuck cares? I don't use to put tags in each band. Not for narrow-minded people. If you want to hear Heavy Metal or Power Metal, go and find it somewhere else. If you just want to listen to pure and passionate Metal, check these guys out now!

4 Star Rating

Kingdom's Rise
War Of Cultures
On This Graveyard
Denial Of Life
Tongues Spitting Hate
March With Your Battleforce
Sacrificed For The Wealth
Definition Of The Sacred
Legions At The Gates
For Their Sins
Federico Carminitana - Vocals
Greg Mader - Guitar
Simon Fullemann - Guitar
Michi Henggeler - Bass
Ricky Durst - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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