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Cathartic Demise – In Absence Award winner

Cathartic Demise
In Absence
by Quinten Serna at 08 April 2021, 6:23 PM

“With lust for power comes the choice of annihilation” such a stoic and fierce magnitude with which to commence one’s debut on, a turn of phrase or mantra that rings ceaseless through voided space. CATHARTIC DEMISE chooses—as their name would entail—to not pull any punches writing cynicism into every lyric, note, and beat.

The album opens with the instrumental, “With Lust,” commencing on the drifting reverb and echo of a clean played guitar, something which provides a daunting and hollow sentiment made apprehensive by the looming explosion of the band which then follows the same progression as a full unit each member lending their strength to a centralized theme. Starting at the faded segue of the preceding track, “For Power,” falls into the same vein in theming as its focus lies on dismal and uncertain things paired with polemical objections and darkened harmonies both from the strings and vocals. “Disparity” starts with harmonious guitars dry panned in both channels before adjoining in an overdriven progression with the band in full backing; the guitars continue throughout the intro pulsing in and out of divisi riffs prior to the vocals joining in full force for the verse the rest of the song progresses into a particularly brutal niche bringing in sensations of apprehension and frantic trepidations. The title track, “In Absence,” has an even tempered start that steadily progresses in a manner more akin to Heavy Metal given the snare is playing in half time, eventually the song does catch up with itself for the verses and follows through with a series of transcendental transitions and various movements—inclusive of a stellar or otherworldly solo—serving to highlight the aptitude of the band.

The construction and recording of the varying elements on the album is quite significant from a technical perspective and sublime from a listener’s; the careful crafting of each instrument into a shared momentum is noted on every tracking from the masterfully performed instruments to the expertly interlaced melodies and rhythms that build off of one another. One of the greatest elements within the staunch record is the drum work as a whole such that within every track the mark of mastery lies unabated and wrought unto the center for a crisp, clear, and concise notice for all listeners, even of those not accustomed to listening in depth to percussion.

In Absence is a work unlike many that I’ve the fortune to come across, something built with raw energy and refined with a ferocity left unmatched by other bands, many of whom subsist in leisurely seniority; for anyone looking for a more niche variant of Thrash Metal, or of anyone who has a pension for rawness and splitting energy this album is the pick of the litter.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. With Lust…
2. For Power
3. Blade In The Dark
4. Silence Within
5. Pale Imitations
6. Disparity
7. In Absence
8. Waves
9. Desire
Aaron Tanner – Bass
Angus Pike – Drums
Bennet Smith – Guitars and Vocals
Taylor Wroblewski – Guitars (Lead)
Record Label: Independent


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