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Cathedral Fever - All Pit, No Pendulum

Cathedral Fever
All Pit, No Pendulum
by Lauryn Plummer at 16 October 2014, 12:58 PM

Well, well, well, what can I say? You would never have thought that a band of just 4 members could produce something like this. But let me tell you, it’s possible. Filling in their Thrashcore shoes, the 4 guys from St, Louis of the United States, have put out a second EP that will make you re-evaluate your music taste. Let’s start at the beginning. First of all “Spiders Encircle”. A soft riff to start an EP, that lasts for all about 41 seconds before you’re thrown into an oblivion of heavy drumming, guitars and vocals. I must admit, the first song alone was pretty impressive for its two minute run time. Introducing “Monolithic Rapture” was a steady drum fill definitely showing off Spencer’s techniques before the guitars kicked in. They are certainly ready for some kind of rapture.

“Black Ark Cometh” sounds like a song you could curse someone with you know the Supernatural kind of stuff. Nevertheless it’s still a good song to be produced just by four people (Having to repeat that just purely for the fact I can’t believe it). Throughout the song you just get a heavy rhythm from it. Combined with Jerry’s vocals it’s a total in your face kind of tune.  “Synthetic Echo”, now I don’t know if it is on purpose but the repeated guitar rhythm is definitely the echo in the song, one of those things that are constantly stuck in your head on repeat. Wait till you get to the end of the two minute thirty second track, you hear that? There’s the groove riff we all need to hear once in a while.

 Then we arrive at “Oblivion Bed”, “What keeps you here?” Singer Jerry asks, well I know I’m here for another face melting track that is put in front of me. “A moth eaten ghoul, whom the reaper ignored” sounds like an oblivion to me, which you can definitely hear at the end of the song when you hear the fading screams that sound so far away from you. I definitely get a hellish vibe from the track entitled “Cavern of the Rapid eye” “pushing through the dirt, grasping at the roots” sounds like you’re trying to get away from the depths of hell if you ask me. Let’s not forget the sneaky solo hidden in the middle of the song. You’d get through the whole of the EP without really hearing one and then BAM it hits you in the face.

Finally we have “Reprisal at the Dawn of Genesis” it has a 1,2,3,4 kind of start but instead hearing drumsticks, you hear cymbals, pretty cool right?  A fast paced song to end a brilliant EP, you know like going out with a bang. When you’ve reached the end you actually realise that it is possible that four guys with such talent can create an EP like this. As we reach the final curtain call Jerry screams… “And in time I converted every non – believer, to a black satin robe in my cathedral of fever” brilliant isn’t it?

Have you caught CATHERDERAL FEVER?

4 Star Rating

1. Spiders Encircle
2. Monolithic Rapture
3. Black Ark Cometh
4. Synthetic Echo
5. Oblivion Bed
6. Cavern of the Rapid Eye
7. Reprisal at the Dawn Genesis
Jerry – Vocals
David – Guitar
Derek – Bass
Spencer – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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