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Cattle Decapitation - Karma Bloody Karma (CD)

Cattle Decapitation
Karma Bloody Karma
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 August 2006, 5:34 PM

The sick motherfuckers hit back with one more release that will surely be something more than sick! I always admired the talent they have to mix their humor with their perverted side. Thank God Metal Blade still has bands like them and hasn't been fully devoted to the Metalcore sound…
So, the American Grindcore worshipers began back in 1999, releasing their first full-length album (Human Jerky) on LP. This happened after some lineup changes when their former frontman left them to be replaced by drummer Travis Ryan of Strangulation. In general, this band has done many crazy things like releasing a cow colored vinyl or having three tracks of this release (Hovomore, 2000) re-cut with Spanish vocals. I'd also like to add that these guys have a huge love towards cows \[Note from Orpheus: suspicious!]. If you see their album covers, you'll see what I mean!
So, those cow-worshipers released one more chaotic album. For all of you who know them, I need to say nothing more. It's just what you expected to listen to. For those of you who haven't got in touch with Cattle Decapitation's music, you don't know what you're missing! We're talking about the craziest Grindcore band ever!
Let's start with the cover artwork. As you can see, the well-known animal is featured again here! This time a bit more violent! Basically, it really attracted my attention. Congratulations to the designer. Great work! And it also fits the title like a glove…
To the musical part now. As every Grindcore band, you'll find the well-known blastbeats, the growling and a bit rotten vocals and everything else you could ask for. Just read the track titles. Success Is… (Hanging By The Neck) or The Carcass Derrick are two great examples! These guys surely know how to combine brutality with humor. There are not many new elements in this album, just the classic Cattle Decapitation compositions with a newer and better sound. I think that this is an important factor for the listeners!
So, I liked the album a lot. Death Metal and Grindcore fans will like too (I guess…). The only bad thing is that every time I listen to this album, I get a bit hungry! If you need a soundtrack for your lunch, dinner or anything else related then I think this is your album! Enjoy, sick motherfuckers!!!
P.S. Did I mention that all the members are vegetarians? What more can I say about these guys? Keep… GROWLING!

3 Star Rating

Unintelligent Design
Success Is… (Hanging By The Neck)
One Thousand Times Decapitation
The Carcass Derrick
Total Gore?
Suspended In Coprolite
Alone At The Landfill
Karma. Bloody. Karma
The New Dawn
Of Human Pride & Flatulence
Travis Ryan - Vocals & Guitar
Josh Elmore - Guitar
Troy Oftedal - Bass
Dave Astor - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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