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Cauldron Black Ram - Slaver

Cauldron Black Ram
by John Foley at 06 July 2020, 12:50 AM

CAULDRON BLACK RAM come all the way from Holden Hill in South Australia. They have been going since mid 1996 and "Slaver" marks as their latest release which came out May 2020. With a band like these guys you can expect some brutally heavy music. Kicking things off the album opens with Flame which gives the listener a taste of what is to come and what CAULDRON BLACK RAM are all about. The song has a very BLACK SABBATH sounding opening riff and then we get a blast of drums and riffing and then back to the Black Sabbath sound again. Death growls mixed in on top with a sort of thrash metal riffing.

Next up we get "Smoke Pours from the Orificies of the Crematory Idol." More sort of BLACK SABBATH/stoner style riffing with the death growls over. You get a sense of their death metal influences here as well. "His Appearance" is another good song on "Slaver." It has a real battle march intro an into some real bang your head style of riffing. It also marks the first instrumental that appears on the album.

Then we get to the title track, "Slaver." This song is a true musical assault that really comes along and gets right in your face. Its complete with some pounding drum work by ESH. This song truly has an evil sound and feel to it. "His Exultance" is a doom filled track and the last instrumental to appear on "Slaver.: Although a very short song it really sums up what the album was and makes for a great final act as the album comes to a close.

One thing I noticed from listening to CAULDRON BLACK RAM "Slavers" album was that it has a very old school sound and feel to it. There are a few moments here and there that sound very Black Sabbath and a little stoner metal with lots of black/death/thrash metal influences that really help shine. Present are plenty of de-tuned heavy guitar grooves, thunderous and pounding rhythm section and gut wrenching vocals. If you like your bands to be brutal and chaotic with a hint of evil about their music then this is the album for you.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Flame
2. Smoke Pours from the Orificies of the Crematory Idol
3. Stones Break Bones
4. Graves Awaiting Corpses
5. His Appearance
6. Whore to War
7. Temples of Death
8. Slaver
9. The Pit
10. His Exultance
ALIM – Guitar and Vocals
ESH – Drums and Vocals
Gruesome – Bass and Vocals
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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Edited 14 August 2020

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