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Cavalar - As A Metal Of Fact (CD)

As A Metal Of Fact
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 January 2009, 1:26 PM

CAVALAR came down crushing with their new album, which actually features a pretty clever title. As A Metal Of Fact is an album that finally managed to make me have a good time while listening to it and show that you don't have to be hypertechnical or ultrabrutal to create good music nowadays. Just feel the groove and let it lead you and then you'll know the truth…

The UK metallers/rockers CAVALAR (which is an expression in Portuguese that means 'super charged') began their journey in late 2004 and soon later the line up was complete and the band was ready to start kicking. The band debuted with As A Metal Of Fact in 2006, a self financed full-length release which was distributed by the band itself. Two years later, the band re-releases the album with the help of the Australian label Dead Famous Records.

Since I (and I guess many of you) didn't have the chance to get a taste of this album earlier, I am going to treat this review as if I had to deal with a brand new album. The only differences between the two versions are the different cover artwork and the one less song that is featured in here, since the first 1000 copies of the 2006 album featured a cover of BLACK SABBATH's Hole In The Sky. Anyway, CAVALAR is a groovy Heavy Rock quartet that pays tribute to the fathers of Metal (BLACK SABBATH) with bluesy Metal riffing, a hard rocking attitude and an Ozzy wannabe singer (probably the only negative thing in here).

Their hard kicking Metal sound will be more than pleasant to your ears cheering you up and increasing the alcohol desecration! I guess that if you want something that will remind you of CATHEDRAL, ABDULLAH and mostly BLACK SABBATH, CAVALAR is a more than good solution to your problem (except if that problem is a drinking one).

3 Star Rating

God Damned Rebel
Going For It!
New Empire
Blind Eye
Devil's County
Born Like Fire
Watch Me From The Sky
Can The World Be Wrong?
Twitch - Vocals
Dan Panza - Guitar
Max Torres - Bass
Arn - Drums
Record Label: Dead Famous Records


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