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Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis Award winner

Cavalera Conspiracy
by Craig Rider at 01 January 2018, 6:20 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: CAVALERA CONSPIRACY; hailing from Brazilian grounds, performing Groove/Thrash/Death Metal - on their 4th anticipated album entitled: “Psychosis” (released November 17th, 2017).

Since formation in 2007; the quintet in question have 3 albums behind them, as a rabid fan of all things SEPULTURA; SOULFLY, NAILBOMB, KILLER BE KILLED etc - I was all to eager to dive into CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's newest album: “Psychosis”. Containing 9 astonishing tracks; ranging at around 41:07, the Cavalera family once again deliver an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting yet distinctive characteristics that are incredibly phenomenal. Their first record “Inflikted” welcomed brothers Max & Iggor back into the game after a 10 year hiatus after the “Roots” record released, with Iggor Cavalera staying with SEPULTURA until “Dante XXI”. “Inflikted” is an aesthetic of organically produced substances of savagely primitive instrumentation and musicianship, while their 2nd record “Blunt Force Trauma” arranged more progressively technical developments of extremely intense songwriting and sound production expertise.

Pandemonium” went back to the old school SEPULTURA roots, which amalgamated with the modernized CAVALERA CONSPIRACY trademark – it was a strong record; which had me thinking they could not contribute much else in future records, I was indeed dead wrong with that opinion and with the opening first single track to the new record  - “Insane” exceeded all expectations with profusely vehement mechanisms and more. It begins with massive pummelling that is just so engaging that I cannot help but go into a maddening frenzy, the vocalization from Max Cavalera is aggressively sinister and provides concrete yet weighted intensity. “abortion, embryonic death” - typically Cavalera, right? Max's guitar playing is top-notch and showcases complex dexterity of immensely groovy executions that are just oh so good, especially in the song “Terror Tactics” with its efficiently stimulating value of grooves near the end of the song.

Consisting of Iggor Cavalera on drums, the man consistently powers through with seemingly crushing blast beats of excelling diligence. “Impalement Execution” begins with one of the most deadliest grooves I've ever heard, which has a dynamic proficiency to it – it chugs with melodic strength until an dominantly thrashing riff begins, and Iggor's utmost breathtakingly pulverizing thumping takes over with his battle hardened adroitness & harmonically demonic vigour of robust precision. The single “Spectral War” is a behemoth treading beast, opening up with a cryptic introduction as the blistering thunderous riffs occurs and takes over with captivating prominence, long time SOULFLY guitarist Marc Rizzo distributes a sufficient amount of effective destruction that will guarantee to give you a boost of satisfactory entertainment – near the end of the song, Marc portrays a grandiose of manifested anthems that is a spectacle of chaotic mayhem. Max fuses his steely tough vocals with deep; guttural growling & substantially forceful malevolence, combined with a magnificent stature of aggressively violent catchiness & memorability - easily my favourite section of the record. Yet with many repeated listens of this masterpiece, the second portion including the gargantuan “Crom” which established an adequate amount of stunning headbanging velocities and hammering contrast.

Nimble bassist Tony Campos impressively flourishes with the rhythm and timing with coherent stability, the song “Hellfire” is a monstrous basher which grinds with devilish purgatory. It opens up with another obscure start until the dirty, gritty and ripped lyrical theme and orchestration takes over with literal perdition - it's one of the shorter tracks which reminds me of “The Doom Of All Fires” a little yet with more flamboyant ideas, the ending is compiled with a battering structure of explosive hostility that's just relentlessly motivating. We then have the ferociously rapid “Judas Pariah”, which showcases immensely intense blast beatings of menacingly thrashing death proportions – it's one of the more accurate and barbaric tracks that shows off the band's weighted potency; I can't help but go berserk and belligerent when I listen to this one, a guaranteed neck swinging beast that's for sure.

The titular track “Psychosis” takes a break from the malignancy, as it slows everything down with filler based yet blends the tribal atmospheric elements profusely - it has similar influences to that of SEPULTURARoots” tracks “Jasco” & “Itsari”. Overall concluding this record with the tormenting “Excruciating”, starting off with an ragingly acute riff and then compelling lyrics: “Only death is real, pain and hate you feel.” enlighten me with fulfilling excitement. Implementing the Thrash 'n' Death Metal sub-genres while converged with the Groove Metal balance is executed amazingly well, this song completes with a spoken word statement from unknown guest including “under pale grey skies” lyricism - which brings back old-school distinguishes elegantly. Man, what a cracking eruption this record is - it certainly holds up as 2017's record of the year. I am still completely blown away by this mammoth of a recording.

Bottom line; as a fan of KREATOR, OVERKILL, HAVOK, MUNICPAL WASTE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DESTRUCTION & related bands who released a record in 2017 – CAVALERA CONSPIRACY were the most thrilling of them all, and still have me madly addicted. Now stop reading and do yourself a favour and enjoy some extreme Metal supremacy.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Insane
2. Terror Tactics
3. Impalement Execution
4. Spectral War
5. Crom
6. Hellfire
7. Judas Pariah
8. Psychosis
9. Excruciating
Max Cavalera - Vocals, Guitar
Iggor Cavalera - Drums, Percussion
Marc Rizzo - Lead Guitar
Tony Campos - Bass
Record Label: Napalm Records


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