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Celeb Car Crash - Ambush!

Celeb Car Crash
by Calen Nesten at 08 June 2014, 3:16 PM

The first track on “Ambush!”, titled “Floating”, sounds like it is about to become a melodic metal track or something combining post-rock and metal vocals, similar to Envy but is only a minute long, about 30 shy of a regular post-rock track. The following track, entitled “Dead Poet’s Society”, immediately takes over with a grungy riff and plunges into the throat of a singer that could take the place of any 90’s radio-rock front man. Celeb Car Crash is seemingly trying to resurrect the deeply buried corpse of big name 2000’s bands like Godsmack.

As much as I tried to remain open to the band I could not connect. I feel like I could pick up any mainstream rock album off the shelf and get the same types of songs. The song “Jerk” is about being in a bad relationship and trying to make it work because you have to get through the bad times too, bro. This song segues into the track “I’m Right Here” which constantly reminds us that the singer is “here” for his “girl” when she dares befriend another man. With lines like “I don’t fall asleep” and “What’s good for me is good for you” I want to jump into the song and advise the girl to seek another relationship, preferably one that does not involve barbed-wire tattoos. Track 1 was weird, and I appreciated it. It seems like they were trying to experiment a bit. This experimentation is later tried once again in a song titled “I am the Walrus”. Yes, that one.

If Across the Universe chose PUSDLE OF MUD to cover the much beloved BEATLES song the results would be very similar. They try to take a cerebral song and reduce it to frat party music, but I still commend CELEB CAR CRSH on trying to put a new spin on the classic song. It’s just not my taste, there is an obvious market for this type of music and that’s what it is; marketable. It’s great for selling a trend, selling to middle-school kids, and people who don’t understand that music exists outside of the radio but not for a die-hard fan.


1 Star Rating

1. Floating
2. Dead Poets Society
3. Celeb Car Crash
4. Tied Up
5. Get More
6. Blinded by the Light
7. Jerk
8. Something Wrong About Him
9. Dorothy
10. I Wear Black ‘Cause I’m Bluse
11. The Runaways
12. I am the Walrus
13. Bushido
N. – Voice, Guitars
C.A. – Guitars, Backing Vocals
M. - Drums
S. - Bass
Record Label: Antstreet Records


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